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"Will you go to homecoming with me?"

CantankerousBIGCantankerousBIG Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
edited November 2009 in High School Life
As you could probably deduce from the fact that I'm posting on CC, I'm not the most social person in the world, hence I try to avoid school events like homecoming at all costs. However, yesterday this girl that I'm friends with asked me to go. We aren't really close friends and we almost never hang out but we've always been friendly so I guess she just wanted to go as friends. She's a cool person and she's pretty also, but I just REALLY don't want to go to homecoming. I have 7 APs this year and a messy extracurricular schedule, plus I am in no mood whatsoever to deal with all the BS over ticket/tux/transportation/after party. Plus, I feel incredibly uncomfortable at school dances and I hate dancing in front of people so I always have a miserable time (at my 8th grade dance I swear I must have walked like 3.8 miles just wandering around the perimeter by the punch bowl so I wouldn't look awkward sitting by myself). =(

The thing is, I have no idea what to say to her. Yesterday I kind of awkwardly mentioned that I wasn't planning on going, but I didn't give her a straight answer. I told her that if I were to go, I would definitely go with her, but that's just delaying my decision until later. I don't want to hurt her feelings but I want her to know that its nothing against her, I just honestly don't want to go. How do I do this?

Maybe some CC ladies could help me with this one ...?
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Replies to: "Will you go to homecoming with me?"

  • LiverpoolFC-YNWALiverpoolFC-YNWA Registered User Posts: 1,381 New Member
    Suggest just going to the movies or something? If she likes you, then maybe she doesn't care about the homecoming at all.

    Or maybe this is a bad idea. I don't really know how big homecoming is for you guys. Is it like prom but for younger grades?
  • CantankerousBIGCantankerousBIG Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Its sort of like prom only its open to everyone ... its kind of a big deal because its senior year I guess

    I don't think she likes me in that kind of way, I think she just asked me to go as friends if she doesn't have a date but I can't be certain.

    Anyways thanks for responding.
  • Gryffon5147Gryffon5147 Registered User Posts: 3,765 Senior Member
    ****!!! What a loser!!!

    Well. To be serious, great thinkers believed that a social education was just as important as an academic education. So take this opportunity to have fun with your friends and date. And it won't be like 8th grade. You have an interested girl this time.

    And plus, when you look back at it, all those APs and ECs really didn't have much meaning.
  • CantankerousBIGCantankerousBIG Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    thanks Gryffon for telling me I'm a loser as if I didn't already know that

    you obv didn't read the post carefully because its not a simple as you make it seem
  • MoreoverMoreover Registered User Posts: 1,158 Senior Member
    Take a chance-you might just surprise yourself. The girl was nice enough to ask you. Why
    not go? It is one night-try something different from your regular routine. It doesn't have to
    be a big deal -just keep it low key and go along with what she wants to do. Think of it as
    another way to grow for college-learning how to go to big social functions!
  • WartsandallWartsandall Registered User Posts: 14,151 Senior Member
    Aww, well if she is just wanting to go with you as friends, then I would just let her know that you don't really want to go. To be honest, I wouldn't go either if it weren't for the fact that my friends would scream at me and drag me there if necessary lol. Anyway, I'd just tell her your situation, it's just best to be honest:)
  • BatlloBatllo - Posts: 3,047 Senior Member
    Please put aside all your fears and anxieties and consider going to Homecoming, especially since you were asked by a cool person. Don't let your 8th grade dance memory ruin your chance to have a fun time. Have an open mind and let yourself experience a high school rite of passage. Yes, it is a hassle to get a tux, but dude, you have a date! Add to the fact she is pretty, well that's icing on the cake. So stop whining and go with it. Using schoolwork as an excuse to not go is lame. She's just a friend so no pressure, no expectations, no relationship drama. Your job is to be a gentleman and make sure your date has a good time. If that means dancing, well, you gotta dance. Just have a good attitude- a self deprecating sense of humor about your moves on the dance floor helps diffuse any self consciousness of you may feel. Tons of shy, awkward guys on CC are super envious, they'd love to be in your position.
  • QuasiProfoundQuasiProfound Registered User Posts: 7,623 Senior Member
    As Moreover said, it's just one night. Surely you can make up for whatever studying you'll miss the next day or something. Maybe you had a horrible time in the 8th grade because you didn't go with anyone, but you might just have fun this time.

    Or if you REALLY can't stand the idea, try telling this girl honestly exactly what you have against going and then, yeah, just suggest hanging out another time so she knows you're not, like, rejecting her. Just please don't lie about it.
  • ZapzZapz - Posts: 2,541 Senior Member
    "****!!! What a loser!!! "

    I disagree.

    Don't go if you don't want to. I hate the thing, personally (at my school it sucks, to me). You stand/dance in the cafeteria. I would not turn down a pretty lady, however. I disagree with Warts too. Don't tell her you are going to skip out on homecoming because you want to study for seven AP's or w/e.
  • WartsandallWartsandall Registered User Posts: 14,151 Senior Member
    Are you saying he should lie?:/ I don't know, personally I just would be honest, but do whatever you think is necessary:)
  • ZapzZapz - Posts: 2,541 Senior Member
    No, I didn't.
    I meant leave that info out.
  • WartsandallWartsandall Registered User Posts: 14,151 Senior Member
    O, got it:) Yes, I agree.
  • CantankerousBIGCantankerousBIG Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    I know some of you are telling me to go anyway (and I appreciate the advice), but I don't think you fully understand how badly I don't want to.
  • JAJdudeJAJdude Registered User Posts: 226 Junior Member
    Either go on a little friend date with her or just go. It's one night(either Friday or Saturday) so you have plenty of time to catch up on your work. lol, I would love to be in your position right now heh.

    Not to mention that you'd really look pretty gay(no offense, but this is high school so you KNOW some idiot is going to say it) if you don't go with her, so just give it a chance.

    And homecomings are aren't really a formal affair. You can just get a button-up and dress pants and good shoes and you're ready to go.

    And you brought 7 AP's upon yourself so boo-hoo.
  • CantankerousBIGCantankerousBIG Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    ok but the reason I asked this is mainly because I don't want to go, not because I have a lot of work
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