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Writing Better Under Pressure?

smilemyonlysmilemyonly - 1951 replies21 threads Senior Member
edited September 2009 in High School Life
So who else here writes better under pressure? I know I can't be the only one.

Right now, I'm working on 3 three-page papers due tomorrow. Two are pretty easy, though. I'll most likely get one done tonight. Get the other 3/4s done and the other half way done. Why? I work better under pressure, in other words: time restraints.

This has kind of been a habit of mine for a few years now, I do what I can the night before and wake up early in the morning to finish it up. Luckily my printer hasn't failed on me yet and either way I can just print it at school.

This also worked when I had to write a speech for my sister's Sweet Sixteen, my mom had been nagging me to write one down for weeks. Of course I waited until the party actually began to start writing it, it was pretty damn good in my opinion, well I'm only saying it because she cried, haha

So who else works better under pressure? I'm actually trying to kill this "habit" as it'll probably screw me over in college.
edited September 2009
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Replies to: Writing Better Under Pressure?

  • AeroEngineer3141AeroEngineer3141 3579 replies28 threads Senior Member
    Nah, I like taking my time and mulling over every idea I get before writing it down. If you asked me to write an essay in a relatively short time frame (SATs and AP English exams), I could do it well enough. But I'd still rather brainstorm a little more.
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  • charlieharpercharlieharper - 685 replies35 threads Member
    I hear ya. I had an AP Lit essay due last tues and I wrote it at 5 am the morning it was due, lol. I got an A on it too.
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  • chenman333chenman333 257 replies14 threads Junior Member
    My best AP Lit essays this year and honors american lit essays last year were all done at 12 am in under 3 hours. My teachers thought they were fantastic.

    Guess that tells a lot.
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  • Secret Asian ManSecret Asian Man 2478 replies19 threads Senior Member
    I write better under pressure. I'm more time-efficient too - if I start a paper 2 hours before it's due I take 2 hours to do it, if I start 24 hours before I'll take 5-6 hours to do it.
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  • xxrunningonemptyxxrunningonempty 2135 replies23 threads Senior Member
    Haha, I could never write decently under pressure. The sad part is that, my printer ALWAYS fails on me at the last minute.The thing for me is that I tend to get catch up in sentence structure, vocabulary, and making everything sound sophisticated so much that I'm forced to ditch all that under time restraints and I end up with something that sounds stupid.

    But truthfully, 9 out of 10 times if I'm truly interested in the topic and have solid ideas, then I could manage pull it off in little time (of course, in a school setting, that seldom happens).

    Strange enough, I'm working an essay due for tomorrow and simultaneously studying for AP Biology - we'll see how this works out.
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  • TheYankInLondonTheYankInLondon 3455 replies32 threads Senior Member
    It depends on the essay really. If I'm writing a "bad" essay (SAT essays are the epitome of the "bad" essay) then I can ONLY do it under pressure, otherwise I overcomplicate sentences and the logic is more web-like than arrow-like. On "good" essays though (e.g. The College Essay, or my coursework on James Joyce), I can't do it without lots and lots of time.
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  • Gryffon5147Gryffon5147 3711 replies54 threads Senior Member
    I think that people who write well under pressure can write better with more time.

    College will make you realize that you're not such a hot shot. :)
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  • hatersunitehatersunite - 1149 replies40 threads Senior Member

    I can ONLY write under pressure.
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  • xxrunningonemptyxxrunningonempty 2135 replies23 threads Senior Member
    This is amazing -- my printer failed on me again :(.. I hate having to email people and asking them to print stuff out for me -- ugh.
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