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Who's Never Kissed Anyone?

smilemyonlysmilemyonly - Posts: 1,972 Senior Member
edited February 2010 in High School Life
Stolen from college life.

But anyway it shocked me how many college students have never been kissed before. Kinda awkward. But anyway, be honest. I know there are actually normal people here on CC ... jk.
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Replies to: Who's Never Kissed Anyone?

  • WartsandallWartsandall Registered User Posts: 14,151 Senior Member
    I think that there was already a thread on this lol

    I haven't:) I'm not ashamed of it either.
  • hatersunitehatersunite - Posts: 1,189 Junior Member
    Like 75% of this board. And it's not just because there are a tone of nerds. (Although that is a major reason). I think as a whole this country is becoming more "old-fashioned" in respects to sexual beliefs. Our current sexual morals are a lot closer to that of the 50's than it was 20 years ago. And I think that is a good thing. Marriage ages are being lowered and time of first sex is growing older.

    But whatever that was completely off topic. I got my first kiss at 14. I've noticed that you either get your first kiss from 10-16 or you don't get it until like 20. A big divide. 80-90% in the first group. The rest in the second. Second group involves nerds and people who want to have as few romantic interests as possible in their life. (A.K.A. they're hoping to find their spouse in college) Possibly/probably religious.
  • proletariat2proletariat2 Registered User Posts: 3,519 Senior Member
    I never responded to the other thread, so I might as well respond here.

    I haven't, and I have a girlfriend (and have had one for six months now...)
  • smilemyonlysmilemyonly - Posts: 1,972 Senior Member
    ^ that's kinda weird...
    time of first sex is growing older.
    not in my high school.
  • Blackroses216Blackroses216 Registered User Posts: 1,326 Senior Member
    proletariat2: why haven't you guys kissed after six months of dating?
  • fairy_dreamsfairy_dreams Registered User Posts: 3,377 Senior Member
    haha. Funny you ask. I almost got my first kiss over with today. Dodged the guy though. Probably not a smooth move?

    Eh, I think he was semi-drunk though and he's in three of my five classes (and my lab partner occasionally) so I didn't want to make things awkward.

    .......Crap. Now that I think about it, I probably just made things more awkward.

    Ah well, I don't really care :P And I'm in no hurry for my first kiss.
  • MirandaKHMirandaKH Registered User Posts: 364 Member
    I haven't. I'm kind of shy in that sense, so I never really flirt with anyone (though, lately I've been coming out of my shell, according to friends). Also, most guys who show interest in me are WAY older than I am (apparently I look old enough to drink, since I rarely get carded for beer, lol).

    But, in the end, I know it's mostly the shyness :( I kind of agree with my friends, though. I feel like I've been way more outgoing lately.
  • hatersunitehatersunite - Posts: 1,189 Junior Member
    Actually kissing is so unbelievably trivial. I don't even have any interest in kissing girls or anything. I'm a dude. I think of girls as sexual objects. I'm 17, I don't love anybody yet. Kissing someone you love is probably awesome. Kissing someone you find attractive is ok but whatever. It's probably a pretty high number of educated individuals who are still kiss-less. I haven't had a kiss in like a year. I can count my kissing partners on my hand. No biggie. I may already be active but I sort of fit into that person I described earlier. I'm not necessarily looking for a wife in college or anything but being a man-whore is not cool. Random hook-ups. I've tried it. Not worth it. Too many risks. Not worth it. Hopefully I'll still be under 1o when I find my wife. That's my goal.

    And warts, this might be hard to believe but I think that's awesome. Sluts get attention yes. But most dudes ultimately want someone like that. Can you imagine how much of an ego boost it would be to know your spouse has like never gotten to second base with someone else? Holy cow that would be nice. But the key is you need to be a girl who has turned down a bunch of guys. It's not good to be ignored.
  • lifegrlifegr Registered User Posts: 1,147 Senior Member
  • hatersunitehatersunite - Posts: 1,189 Junior Member
    Smile - Have you researched the loss of virginity in your school over a 5 year period? How do you know this? My guess is your perception has changed as you have aged.
  • hatersunitehatersunite - Posts: 1,189 Junior Member
    BTW, I'm going to be ****ed off if someone calls me out for "thinking of girls as sexual objects". It might not be PC but it is 100% true. What do you think 15-18 year old guys think about when they see a girl? "Oh dear she looks like a confident woman"? NO We think about other things that aren't appropriate for cc. It has been scientifically proven that men categorize images of women as materials in their brain.
  • smilemyonlysmilemyonly - Posts: 1,972 Senior Member
    Nope. Entirely a generalization actually, lol. But just based off how many whores and sluts there are. And practically all of my friends have had sex and if not have received a kiss.
    Can you imagine how much of an ego boost it would be to know your spouse has like never gotten to second base with someone else?
    Not too sure about the whole ego boost thing, but anyway yeah i can totally see why someone would want that. Sounds awesome.
  • theReachtheReach Registered User Posts: 1,653 Senior Member
    I haven't, and I have a girlfriend (and have had one for six months now...)

    Aw jeez, that must leave you with a terrible case of blue balls HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  • hatersunitehatersunite - Posts: 1,189 Junior Member
    Why did his hands get amputated or something?

    But anyway, smiley yeah I'm sure it's your perception. Guaranteed at least 25% of your friends who you think have done something haven't. Sexual activity is generally considered a positive thing by society (especially if you live in New Jersey) which skews numbers. You also live in the most promiscuous state in the country so your numbers will be higher than in a school in say South Carolina.

    Oh yeah I don't know if you were sarcastic on the second part but whatever. Guys definitely get big ego shots with stuff like that. We have fragile egos. And getting with a rather inexperienced girl would be sweet. (After the first couple times in which she would be clueless.) Plus it shows some brains usually. A smart teenage girl knows that 99% of the guys in her school are worthless individuals who she should avoid. Seriously girls, we really just want one thing at this age. And it's not love or anything. Stop deluding yourself.

    Damn I'm rambling tonight.
  • fairy_dreamsfairy_dreams Registered User Posts: 3,377 Senior Member
    Damn I'm rambling tonight.
    I was just thinking the same thing...

    On a side note, there's a couple at our school that's been together for 7 years. We're all holding our breath; it's their senior year....
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