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Drug abuse policy at your school

Anne/PAAnne/PA 65 replies30 threads Junior Member
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What is your school's policy if, for instance, a group of ninth graders were caught with pot and alchohol on a school trip? What kind of punishment might they receive?
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Replies to: Drug abuse policy at your school

  • rayna3rayna3 2507 replies23 threads Senior Member
    They'd be kicked out right then and there.

    Happened this year to a fellow 9th grader at my school.
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  • sophistrysophistry 872 replies41 threads Junior Member
    Why? Are you planning to do this?
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  • QwertyKeyQwertyKey 4548 replies42 threads Senior Member
    "They'd be kicked out right then and there."

    They'd leave them where ever the field trip was?

    Drug dealing wasn't really combated at my high school (weed is basically an Ann Arbor cornerstone), but if one happened to get caught they'd generally get suspended for a first offense, expelled for the second. I think this would be regardless if they were buying or selling (rather, I think this was just "caught with"), but I never heard of anyone who wasn't selling getting in trouble.

    But you had to be pretty much a complete jackass to get caught.
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  • MIThopeful16MIThopeful16 7390 replies149 threads Senior Member
    Um... No one has been caught in my school. The bathrooms smell like weed, alcohol, cigarettes.

    Though it's grounds for immediate expulsion.
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  • kmacNJkmacNJ 67 replies5 threads Junior Member
    The school in my town is horrible. For a while they just turned a blind eye. But when ODs became a regular occurrence, they started to do something. It's still terrible, but if you get caught anything you're suspended and required to go to outpatient rehab. If you slip up again you have to be an inpatient.
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  • reginaphalangereginaphalange 793 replies45 threads Member
    Immediate dismissal from school for use or possession of drugs or alcohol. If, for instance, one smoked pot while home on the weekend and, due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, was forced to take a drug test when they returned to school, and the drugs were still in their system, they would be kicked out.

    Gotta love boarding school.
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  • hananahanana 2247 replies65 threads Senior Member
    I don't know anyone that does drugs at my school, but I know a few students smoke and/or drink. If they are caught doing that either in our out of school, they will probably be suspended or at worst, expelled.
    This is really silly so I'll share this, at my brother's private all boys' high school, the head boy [equavalent to the class president] was caught trying to by alcohol, of course he was underage. But his punishment was that he was un-head boy for one week. That was all.
    There's rumors that at the dances a public boys' school a school in my city holds, a few of the guys inject drugs into the girl they dance with. And actually happened. The girl didn't go to my school and I didn't know her.
    I think they got expelled?! Well, the students at the dance were only 13~15.
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  • knight_time<3knight_time<3 19 replies3 threads New Member
    Does anyone else's school district have their own drug dog??
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  • rayna3rayna3 2507 replies23 threads Senior Member
    They'd leave them where ever the field trip was?

    I meant they'd be expelled... I'm sure the school would be in major trouble if they left a kid at the museum or where ever...
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  • lucky2010lucky2010 1435 replies30 threads Senior Member
    If you're caught with pot/alcohol on school grounds they'd send you to the reform school for a month or more. Depending on the cop or administrator or student.

    We have had the drug dog come by! Looks friendly. No one's that dumb to take much pot to school though. It's there but it's not like you could really smoke it there so it's kinda an outside school thing.
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  • GoodbyehelloGoodbyehello 949 replies116 threads Junior Member
    So many people do drugs and the security guards suck at my school...

    But if someone did get caught, then expulsion along with the regular legal consequences.
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  • rhythmgamingrhythmgaming 634 replies16 threads Member
    Well today I saw a kid walk across the street towards the school, cigarette still in his mouth...
    ...I believe that says enough.
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  • kmacNJkmacNJ 67 replies5 threads Junior Member
    my district has drug dogs!
    and people smoke in our school all the time. i'm not sure how they get away with it but the usually do. Although one time a friend of mine was smoking pot in one of the stairwells, and got caught by one of our cops. He managed to outrun them and get away in the woods though.
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