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Guys, would you prefer your future wife to..


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  • thegroogruxkingthegroogruxking 147 replies28 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    idk...if she can make more money than me, than she can work, and I'll be Mr. Mom!

    But, obviously when we are young and no kids, we're both gonna work. Ideally I get married at like 26-27ish and don't have kids until I'm/we're in are early/mid 30s. I'd like 2 kids, 3 tops.

    However when the kids get older, like 6-7 yrs old, I want someone to be there to pick them up from school, so no day care, or nannies, etc... Purely anecdotal, but with kids I know, the kids who have two parent who both worked or parents were workaholics, basically had to raise themselves and came out as f[_]ckups. They are rich because both of their parents work, but nobody want to hang with them. of course you can still be screwed up with a stay at home parent, but I don't see as much of it.
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