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Guys/girls with zits/pimples

NastyPoliticianNastyPolitician 164 replies38 threads Junior Member
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Are they less attractive to you?

Would you consider kissing a girl on the lips if she had a zit just above her top lip?
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Replies to: Guys/girls with zits/pimples

  • HBrownHBrown 420 replies0 threads Member
    I hate the word ZIT. It sounds so....awful.

    I would not kiss a guy if he had a "zit" above his top lip. I would rather eat pork than do that and I HATE pork.
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  • Crest1Crest1 221 replies57 threads Junior Member
    I have acne and I hate it. Just when it was all about to be gone it comes back.
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  • futurexecutivefuturexecutive 2665 replies17 threads Senior Member
    well they obviously aren't more attractive.
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  • generallyronggenerallyrong 1306 replies9 threads Member
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  • Plut0niumPlut0nium 205 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Not really because behind all that acne, and unless it's really bad, there's a beatiful face.
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  • thrill3rnit3thrill3rnit3 1331 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Not really because behind all that acne, and unless it's really bad, there's a beatiful face.

    In lala-land.
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  • NJgirl2016NJgirl2016 User Awaiting Email Confirmation 87 replies7 threads New Member
    I've never liked a guy with an acne problem, at least that I can recall. However, I did have a really bad acne problem for the past 6 years or so and now have bad scarring as a result.

    Although my scars are pretty noticeable and are probably distracting to some people, they do not define me as a person at all. I swear I'm really not trying to be inspirational here... it just sounds that way :). Anyway... because I know what it's like to have to deal with acne, I would never NOT like a guy or not find them attractive because of an acne problem. It's superficial. More likely than not, they are trying to do something about it... so I've learned not to blame people for their acne problems. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way by having to deal with it myself, but hey... that's life :)
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  • esthetiqueesthetique 1021 replies85 threads Senior Member
    If they're very very mild i'll kiss him. But if there's like huge pimples all over his cheeks then no.
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  • WhanWhan 819 replies3 threads Member
    Benzoyl Peroxide FTW. Mine's essentially all gone now. Don't buy into the branding, there is a guy on acne.org that sells it in larger quantities for cheaper prices.

    If you're getting really desperate, try accutane, although this has quite a few negative side effects.
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  • UnconfidentialUnconfidential 391 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Depends on the pimple's size.

    If it's as huge as a tomato, then no.
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