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I got an F

albinoalbino Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
edited July 2010 in High School Life
I must be one of the only people on this board who's ever gotten an F. (Hey at least it was an F+). Basically, grade deflation was so bad in our class that I got a D minus 1st semester and F plus 2nd semester in AP World History, yet still got a 5 on the AP test, while in the other class taught by a different teacher, people got A+ and 3 on the AP test. So, will colleges realize we had vastly different teachers, or will they just assume I slacked off the whole year? (I swear I didn't slack off at all... I worked the hardest in that class out of all of my classes... and my other grades this year were all A and A minus, and even one A plus).

For full details, read this thread, which got no helpful answers since I think I put in too much information: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/high-school-life/954617-what-do-i-do.html

How am I going to get into college with a D- and F+?
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Replies to: I got an F

  • eastafrobeautyeastafrobeauty Registered User Posts: 2,430 Senior Member
    1) are you really an albino?
    2) Why didn't you try repealing the grade earlier? You should have complained to your counselor.
    3) Try asking if you can retake the class in something else (another social studies?) so it could replace those grades.
    4) Talk to your counselor and ask him/her if they'd be willing to kindly explain the reason for the grades on your college application (when the time comes; there's a box for explainations).
    5) make sure to go biitchslap your teacher.
  • albinoalbino Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    1) umm... yes.
    2) I tried many times with my teacher, totally ineffectively. I did talk to my counselor before going to the principal but he gave the same argument (read the longer thread for more information). However, I know that I would have gotten an A minus or B plus at lowest in the other teacher's class since he gave so much extra credit and his cutoffs were so much lower.
    3) I already asked my counselor if those grades could ever be replaced/deleted but he said no.
    4) My counselor won't help me with that because many of the kids in my class managed B's (a couple even got A minuses). I had pretty much the second lowest grades in my class. I'm not very good at history but many of the kids in the other class are worse than me at it but they got the easy teacher. I've explained why all the "smart" kids are in my class in the linked thread I provided (which consistently happens year after year, so the average grade difference is never pronounced and the counselor/principal won't look into it).
    5) How I would love to...
  • albinoalbino Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    Should I post this in the AP discussion forum instead?
  • SpatulaSpatula Registered User Posts: 502 Member
    Check with the school district. I'm pretty sure teachers are not allowed to have different percents for grades. That's some serious grade deflation (inflation for the other teacher).
  • hobbithillhobbithill Registered User Posts: 983 Member
    omg that's so unfair (I read your other thread). bump
  • eastafrobeautyeastafrobeauty Registered User Posts: 2,430 Senior Member
    ^^^ you should post this on the college admissions forum :) and the parents forum :) you'll get better responses on there :]

    good luck! and i feel awful for you! I'm sure it's not going to hurt you too much (i hope) if your counselor's being an ass and wont write it for you...try to find a spot to mention it.

    What's life as an albino like? I'm sure the only thing that sucks is getting sunburned.
  • albinoalbino Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    Oh lord... you guys all have great suggestions, but I'm forced to keep on batting them away... the problem is, it's a private school!! So the only person that can hold my teacher accountable is the principal (or maybe counselor). but since mostly the "smart kids" are in my class [also, they were required to get 225+ on the PSAT, not 220, to get into adv. math - just a random correction of my other thread], the average grade difference is just B versus A, so they don't care. They think I just want to get rid of my terrible grade but they won't listen to why I'm actually right.

    Being an albino, is well, life for me. I just put on extremely powerful sunblock and wear a sun hat at all times outside. Getting sunburned does suck, but I keep it to a minimum by not going outside a lot. I'd prefer to be able to go outside more, but you know, compared to the horrible diseases other people have, being albino isn't that bad. In fact, i'm sort of proud of my albinism in a weird way, since it makes me unique. (I'm asian... lol. unfortunately, no asians get F's. My parents were really mad at me. with all the evidence, i managed to convince them it wasn't my fault, but they don't speak english well and won't be much help in my fight to change this F...)
  • amorestareamorestare Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member
    why are teachers allowed to have their own grading scales??? You need to have a petition or something to get your school's grading scale standardized.
  • eastafrobeautyeastafrobeauty Registered User Posts: 2,430 Senior Member
    albino wrote:
    One teacher:
    Curves all tests
    Gives truly massive amounts of extra credit (enough to raise grades 10 percent or more)
    Grading scale:
    89.449+% : A+
    79.449-89.448% : A
    74.449-79.448% : A-
    69.449-74.448% : B+
    64.449-69.448% : B
    59.449-64.448% : B-
    Has never given below a B minus
    Gives 5% credit for homework based on completion - late hw is accepted
    Will "bump" a borderline grade up if asked
    Grades very easily
    If a 5 is received on AP test, will also bump your grade up if you email him

    albino wrote:
    Other teacher:
    Curves no tests
    No extra credit
    Grading scale:
    A+ not given
    A: 98.5% - 100%
    A-: 95% - 98.5%
    B+: 90-95%
    B: 86-90%
    B-: 82-86%
    C+: 78-82%
    C: 75-78%
    C-: 71-75%
    D+: 68-71%
    D: 65-68%
    D-: 60-65%
    F+: 58-60%
    F: 50-60%
    F-: 0-50%
    No bumping grades (even if you get a 94.99999999%, you still get a B+)
    No credit for homework, but if it is missed 10% deducted from next test grade (and she counts it as missed if it is not good enough or late)


    Just complain, complain & complain until you see some results.
  • BMan22BMan22 - Posts: 457 Member
    Gotta love private schools.
  • albinoalbino Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    the problem is, nobody is going to help me complain probably...
    the other kid who got a straight F both semesters actually kind of is a slacker... and the kid who got an F and then D+ just moved to a public school in disgust... and many teachers for the same classes have slightly different grading scales, though usually not this different. the smart kids who got B's (and the two that got A minus, obviously) don't really care, so the only people who may help are the few other kids who got C's and D's... but I'm not sure I can count on them either

    wow, it seems like i'm trapped in a hole with no way out

    maybe i should change schools too, but that won't solve my problem
    and i'm pretty sure this is the worst class in the whole school, the next year classes won't be as bad
    she also probably graded harsher this year than ever, since last year and the year before that there was only one F at the semester in her class and average grades were higher, so that kid who got the F got screwed over like me. i think hers is the only HS class i've heard of that is like an actual bell curve, but she has more B's or B- than any other grade because of all the STUPID SMART KIDS, so my D-/F+ looks really bad in comparison.

    Edit: I just read that 1% of the kids accepted to Dartmouth have a cumulative GPA of 1.0-1.9... I have hope again

    But I'm still SO MAD!!
  • ExtempExtemp Registered User Posts: 184 Junior Member
    "Edit: I just read that 1% of the kids accepted to Dartmouth have a cumulative GPA of 1.0-1.9... I have hope again"

    sure they do....

    before you signed up for the class why didnt you learn that you had a chance of having this teacher and avoid it like the plague?
  • albinoalbino Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    "Edit: I just read that 1% of the kids accepted to Dartmouth have a cumulative GPA of 1.0-1.9... I have hope again"

    sure they do....

    before you signed up for the class why didnt you learn that you had a chance of having this teacher and avoid it like the plague?

    That's the problem, I didn't do any research about the teachers beforehand. Also, I didn't realize that mostly very smart kids get put into her class. I thought I liked history so I wanted to take AP world...

    I read that Dartmouth thing on this very board.
  • IBfootballerIBfootballer Registered User Posts: 2,250 Senior Member
    This is a proper situation for your parents to get involved in. You've done your damnedest and the adults in this situation still refuse to help you.
  • RocknPianoRocknPiano - Posts: 1,000 Member
    Here is my take on it (don't take offense)
    You had a strict teacher whose rules aren't much different than other teachers. You are comparing your teacher and the other teacher like it's unfair your teacher wasn't like that. Yeah, some teachers may curve tests, but you're lucky if they do. Your teacher's scale is pretty ridiculous and I wouldn't blame you for complaining about a B+ or B, but the cutoff for an F+ was (58-60), which isn't very abnormal at all. I do apologize that you had a teacher like that, but I do believe it was your own fault for falling behind (and possibly not doing homework which may have led to your final grade). Sorry OP.
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