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Help!!! Falsely accused of cheating!

zeroxdudezeroxdude Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
edited December 2010 in High School Student Topics
I am currently a senior last year I was accused of cheating which I did not. (I know that's what everybody say) The incident happen one month before school end but I was refer to the counselor 2 and given a cheating letters days before the school ended. The teacher accused me of helping the person next to me cheat on the homework cause we got the same problem wrong on it. The counselor says that she can't do anything about it and only the if the teacher changes her mind. I basically gave up in trying to prove my innocent cause i have tried multiple times talking and explaining that I didn't help the person next to me cheat but she still won't change her mind. The counselor say that it would be on my school record and basically blame me cause i wasnt being careful and let the person next to me copy. This month I was being accused by the same teacher again!!!! This time we were having a pop quiz. It happen when she started to collect the pop quiz (1min before class end) I turned mind quiz in and took out my packet which i use to study (everyone has one she gave it to us) to check my answer but the answer i was looking for wasnt in it. So i look to the person in front to the right of me to see if he got the same answer as me. There she came and collect his test and accuse me of helping him cheat cause i was looking at his paper and having the study packet out. PLEASE can anyone help me out of this situation. I email the assistant principal of guidance and pupil service about this and might talk to him tomorrow can anyone tell me how to erase this false accusation form my record please. The state i am in is California and the county is LA. PLEASE !!! T^T
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Replies to: Help!!! Falsely accused of cheating!

  • mmmcdowemmmcdowe Registered User Posts: 2,353 Senior Member
    Well, I guess for the second offense I would recommend being more mindful. You probably shouldn't be looking at other peoples sheets when the test is still out nor should you have answers out while others are taking. I suspect that there must be more to the first one than just a single problem being wrong that was the same in both packets.
  • zeroxdudezeroxdude Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    I turn my test in and look at the other guy's paper and yes i should be more mindful but for accusing me like that is not ok. I am asking for help and it would be nice if you could tell me what I could do. For the first one it's really only one questions on the homework you might think i am hiding something but i am actually not. We got the same problem on the homework wrong ( its a foreign language class) and she accused me of letting him copy and say that i cheated in my HS record.
  • mmmcdowemmmcdowe Registered User Posts: 2,353 Senior Member
    Once again, I think there is more to the story. For example, maybe it wasn't just that you both got it wrong, but that you got it wrong in the same way and that many of your right answers were also done in the same way. Regardless, for the second one there isn't anything you can do. You DID look at someones answers and you DID have study materials out during an exam where the quiz materials were still out for others. Granted, I agree it is a little harsh of your teacher to call it cheating when you didn't have an exam unless she/he thought you were whispering answers to people, but you are subject to disciplinary measures for these two offenses. So, I didn't tell you what to do because in my opinion your problem is that you and this teacher need to build up a better rapport. Perhaps you can convince him/her to change the reason for discipline from cheating to just a behavior reprimand.
  • zeroxdudezeroxdude Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    REMEMBER! THE QUIZ IS OVER THE BELL RUNG the guy was about to turn his test in to her. She's right in front of him. It's NOT during an exam its after the exam... If i help him cheat then why would i take out my review packet, the quiz is just 5 problems I could have know the answer already. So if I look at him and dont have the review packet out then it's ok? Let me ask you somethimg, what do you do when you turn in your test and the bell rung? Dont you pack up your stuff to go to another class? For example you packing up your stuff to get out of the class and you look at a person is that also consider helping the other guy cheat? No one ever say that you can't look at other people's paper when you finish and the exam ended.(not like the go up to their table and look i mean like just look from a distant.) This is ridiculous so teacher have the right to say that you cheated if they feel like it and just come up with some reason and you can't do anything about it? Can you take this to court because in court you are innocent before proven guilty? I dont know how do they run a school it's really unfair because if the teacher hates that one specific student then he or she could frame him for cheating so easily.
  • zeroxdudezeroxdude Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    yeah we did got it wrong in the same way ... so does that mean i let the other guy copy? No evidence to support that just because we have the same problem wrong the same way. It's like saying someone that's younger than you and have the same name as you copy your name.
  • mmmcdowemmmcdowe Registered User Posts: 2,353 Senior Member
    You hadn't said that the bell had rung (not that it makes any difference to me personally), you said that there was one minute left in class. You could have been using the review packet to silently transmit answers. If it was a quiz I don't see why I would have something to pack up. If I had needed to pack up I would have waited for the bell, which you said in your original post was 1 minute from ringing. Further, I don't see how taking out a review packet constitutes packing up. I would assume that it is pretty obvious that you shouldn't be looking at other peoples exams without their permission REGARDLESS of the time. Even if it isn't cheating it isn't your business to see what someone else got on the quiz. You should have just asked someone what the answers they got were after class.

    No, you can't sue. What you can do is calmly discuss it with the teacher, try to see their side of the story, and humbly request that they change the reprimand from cheating to some other problem. Going to the principal isn't likely to help. Get your parents involved if you really feel strongly about it. Unlike Harry Potter, real teachers don't usual have grudges against kids half or less their age that they only know. If they do have a grudge against you it's probably because you are a problem student who disrupts class. If that isn't you, then you are being paranoid.

    As far as the first incident. Like I said, it may be that you have a lot of RIGHT answers that were too similar to be coincidence. Also, a very unique way of getting the answer wrong CAN be justification for accusing someone of cheating. If the question was what is the 2+2 and you both answered "Germany", what are the chances of two people independently deriving such an answer?
  • norcalguynorcalguy Registered User Posts: 7,548 Senior Member
    I don't understand why people ask questions and then get all defensive about the answers.

    I can't comment on the first incidence because I don't know how big of a coincidence it was that you both got the same question wrong the same way. If the question had 7 parts and you both got all of it wrong in the same way, then I can see how the teacher might be suspicious.

    In the second case, it really doesn't matter whether the bell rang or not. It was incredibly stupid of you to take out the review packet in the classroom when there were quizzes out. I can't fault the teacher if they want to dock you on cheating.
  • azndarkvaderazndarkvader - Posts: 483 Member
    You're grammar is horrendous...
  • SpazzySpazzy Registered User Posts: 199 Junior Member
    ^ Lol, was that intentional?
  • mmmcdowemmmcdowe Registered User Posts: 2,353 Senior Member
    I wonder if the darth vader misspelling is intentional.
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