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How hard is AP World History?

LazyGeniusLazyGenius 188 replies29 threads- Junior Member
I would think it would be very hard. Wouldn't it be like AP Euro and US History together, plus like all the other continents?
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Replies to: How hard is AP World History?

  • footballthuggin2footballthuggin2 129 replies13 threads Junior Member
    its not too hard if you have the right teacher. A lot of it is self study, but the problem is the ambiguity of the questions
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  • underwatercloudsunderwaterclouds 113 replies20 threads Junior Member
    Even though it seems like it would be that way, it's actually not. Because AP World is a lot more all-encompassing than Euro or APUSH (both of those only go from the later half of the 15th century whereas World goes from something crazy like 10,000 BC), it's more focused on themes and trends.
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  • LazyGeniusLazyGenius 188 replies29 threads- Junior Member
    Hmm I was just wondering how people self study that since it is so much info, but you both cleared that up
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  • neorobieneorobie 514 replies47 threads Member
    Not really. AP Euro and AP USH (I am taking both this year) are more in depth than AP World for their respective subjects. AP World is much more general. For me, I think AP world is harder than AP Euro and APUSH because the fact that it is more general. But this can also be attributed to the fact that I took AP world before AP euro and APush making AP euro and AP ush easier. xD

    Ditto on the right teacher comment. My World teacher also teaches AP euro. So last year for AP world, I started off getting D's and C's and occasionally f's on tests but by the 3rd quarter I pulled up to A's and B's on tests. Since now I have the same teacher for AP euro and I know her teaching style, I get mostly A's and high B's.
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  • FutureVpFinanceFutureVpFinance 1597 replies74 threads Senior Member
    It will seem very difficult if it is your first ever AP. I took it ast yr in 10th. Slacked off alot, only read the first 2 chapters crammed in the last 2 weeks, managed a 3 (thanks to multiple choice; my essays were atrocious IMO). The questions are very ambiguous (when there are two or three "correct" answers its kinda hard figuring out which to choose lol).

    My advice would be to READ the book, the ENTIRE BOOK, from START TO FINISH. I'm doing that right now in APUSH and the info just sticks in your head like glue, esp if you takes notes while reading. Not only that, but you'll remember more things in the long term.

    The only thing that might be different from APUSH is AP World is all over the place as far as time period, as most books go by region. The biggest focus is on Euro and Asia. Hey only talk about the US in regard to how it influenced Europe.
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  • emorylegacyemorylegacy 811 replies14 threads Member
    It's not too bad. It was my first AP and I managed to get an A after realizing that I had to read the chapters often and take some practice quizzes. There are less details and more of a big picture. It reflects two of the essays you have to write on the exam, the comparison and contrast and the change over time. Make sure you get a review book, too.
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  • joshmay94joshmay94 804 replies55 threads Member
    I had an average teacher, and I would agree self-study is a huuuuge part of it. Essential if you want anything higher than a 3.
    I'd recommend AP World History: An Essential Coursebook by Ethel Wood. Absolutely fantastic. I got a 5 and thought the test ridiculously easy.
    Other than that, the two critical things you need are an excellent memory and an ability to connect themes.
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  • SoccerbrainsSoccerbrains 9 replies4 threads New Member
    Hey everyone I am going into APUSH next year, but I am going straight from regular world history so how difficult do you think it will be for me? I am mainly taking the course because my current world history teacher has highly recommended me for it (I am one of the smartest in the class and he has told me on multiple occasions that I should take APUSH)

    How hard will the essays be? (note that i amm a very good writer, i have taken teo years of honors english) The Quizzes? The chapter tests?

    How hard is it to earn an A in the class? Is it the hardest ap class? I am prepared for the workload, I know how to study hard, please answer if you have taken APUSH!

    (I am going to be a junior next year, have a 3.95 GPA, am a committed student)
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  • FigureSk8rFigureSk8r 18 replies4 threads New Member
    it really depends on your teacher
    there are 2 ap world teachers at my school
    one of them makes his students do a bunch of dbqs(but they only have to write like a paragraph, but the entire class always complains), they have alot of projects, the take a quiz almost every other day, & alot of his students don't really have the best grades... basically they just do a bunch of busy work
    my teacher(the other one) has us take quizes about once or twice a week, we have a writing assignment about once every 3 or 4 months(lol), we have to take part on an onlie chat room thing where we disscus the chapter we're on & interact with other people's post, we have written 1 dbq so far(we had to write front & back on a legal pad(the big yellow paper!)), we have alot of in class disscusions too, & we watch videos pretty often(there is normally more questions from videos on our test than there are from the book!) our quizes are alot more detailed too(some times we have some of the same questions as the other class though) & on our quizes, alot of the time we have a free response section(the other class never has those)
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  • sigsjacksonsigsjackson 8 replies2 threads New Member
    I'm in the class right now. And, it's somewhat kicking my derriere. (Sorry, I'm a French student). My teacher is a joke. We sit in our ninety minute class taking notes for eighty-five of them. The notes, he gets them off this site that is easily accesible to our class. I print them out and read them while he dictates them to the class. I have a 70 in there and we only have like 5 grades. The book we're using is World Civilizations: The Global Experience: AP Edition, 5th Edition. We have to read a 25 page long chapter a night, and after 3-5 nights he springs a 15 question reading quiz on us. I usually fail them as in C or below. But today I got the highest grade out of both periods, an 80, (B). And the ironic thing is I haven't been reading the book, I've just been reading notes from online. Meh....the class probably wouldn't be so bad if the teacher wasn't such a fluffhead.

    I'm worried though that the class won't prepare for the AP Exam, because it encompasses so much material, and we are hardly doing much. Ugh, I'll most likely have to make a study group or something.
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  • cc123sbcc123sb 443 replies12 threads Member
    As mentioned in previous posts, AP world is much more focused on the themes in each time period. By knowing the themes associated with certain cultures (i.e. the chinese dynastic cycle), questions become relatively easy and predictable. Also, the curve is generous enough that you don't have to worry about remembering the 500+ names and dates in order to get a 5 (just know themes!)
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  • ninjagirlninjagirl 14 replies1 threads New Member
    Well ap world is quite a bit of studying but it gets easier as the year goes on and I currently have a awesome teacher and Im a sophomore and I think the class is awesome.:)
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