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Questions about APUSH

idiosyncraticeridiosyncraticer 6 replies2 threads New Member
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This is my first AP class, and the first one my school offers. Right now we just finished the Roaring 20's, and are right before the depression. Does anybody know some good ways to cram for the AP test a month before (from right now)? Thanks.
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Replies to: Questions about APUSH

  • idiosyncraticeridiosyncraticer 6 replies2 threads New Member
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  • iloveanimals15iloveanimals15 14 replies4 threads New Member
    buy barron's apush flashcards and read amsco
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  • Christ4LifeeChrist4Lifee 21 replies3 threads- New Member
    My first AP test as well! I suggest you read AMSCO/ Crash Course. If you do that you should be fine. Hopefully were both the 11% that get 5's. Good Luck! P.S: I haven't even started studying yet lol.
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  • idiosyncraticeridiosyncraticer 6 replies2 threads New Member
    Yea although I think its a bit late to buy amsco (too big for too little time) so I think I'm just gonna try and get some stuff from the internet instead. Theres a lot of websites in the dark corners of the web dedicated to APUSH
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  • Fanatic16Fanatic16 104 replies10 threads Junior Member
    A great book that has successfully condensed the information of a long APUSH book is REA's Crash Course book. I have seen numerous testimonials for this book and am using that as a helpful study tool. Obviously, it shouldn't encompass all your studying material but it includes a lot of the "main" aspects of the test in a terse fashion. Definitely a recommended buy.
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