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Basically Self Studying APUSH. Is American Pageant a good textbook?

deepwater1deepwater1 User Awaiting Email Confirmation 30 replies12 threads Junior Member
edited October 2012 in History & Social Sciences
I'm taking USH this year as a class (not honors, because my school doesn't offer it) and there's one extra class a week for "AP stuff" but I know that's not enough. I just ordered one of Larry Kreiger's Crash Course books and I'm hopefully gonna get a good review book. But our school gave us the American Pageant textbook to basically read on our own and study from. Is this one good enough? Because I feel like it has a ton of extra details that I won't need and will make studying much more difficult. From reading through the threads here, AMSCO seems like the best one, but is it worth paying the $60 for, or is American Pageant just as good? And any really good review book suggestions? Thank you!
edited October 2012
6 replies
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Replies to: Basically Self Studying APUSH. Is American Pageant a good textbook?

  • Kaitlynmills95Kaitlynmills95 52 replies21 threads Junior Member
    My school uses pageant for our real APUSH class. If you truly read it and make sure you understand it, you should be good :)
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  • thenewguyintownthenewguyintown 23 replies1 threads New Member
    Its a good book.

    All the outlines are at this website: Textbook Outlines - AP Exam Review | Adaptive Test Prep For AP Exams
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  • bluenotebook2bluenotebook2 732 replies20 threads Member
    the american pageant is the most distorted textbook I've read so far. I highly suggest studying from outlines rather than drudging through the whole thing.
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  • PhilovitistPhilovitist 2695 replies44 threads Senior Member
    No no no no no. The book is not very good at all. It's a nice read, for sure, but it is very winding and somewhat disorganized and full of irrelevant info. I suggest getting a book that is more concise and organized for acing the exam.
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  • jay1412jay1412 21 replies6 threads New Member
    @deepwater The American Pageant is a good textbook, but it just takes really long to read and has a lot of details. if you really read the book and understand the material, i can basically guarantee you that you will get a 5 on the AP exam. but it is obviously too time consuming to do that and you have other things to do other than AP US. and the amsco is a really good review book and it synthesizes it into everything you need to know for the AP test without the extra details. the amsco is $60 from amazon, but if you buy it from the amsco website it is $18.30. don't pay all that at amazon, but if it was 60 bucks, i would still buy it. here's the website Product Information. its just $18.30
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  • deepwater1deepwater1 User Awaiting Email Confirmation 30 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Thank you so much! I ended up ordering the AMSCO textbook, in addition to Larry Krieger's Crash Course book and Barrons' Flash Cards. So I think I'm all set to go! Thanks everyone for your advice!
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