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Would this junior year schedule be realistic?

crystal19crystal19 323 replies112 threads Member
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So next year will be my junior year, and I'm taking AP Lang, AP US History, AP Calc BC, and AP Enviro, along with Honors Physics and Honors Spanish 3.
I plan on self studying AP Human Geography as well.

Do you think that I could handle this successfully? I'm really schooling for straight A's and 4s or 5s on the AP exams. Also, if you have any tips or resources relating to self-studying AP HuG, I'd appreciate it.
By the way, I took AP Bio and AP Euro this year and earned A's in both, although I'm not too confident about how the AP Bio exam went.

Thank you!
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Replies to: Would this junior year schedule be realistic?

  • ChewyshiowChewyshiow 36 replies5 threads Junior Member
    For my Junior year I have
    AP Gov
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Chemistry
    AP Computer Science
    AP Lang
    Piano 3

    So yeah I think you will be fine....it depends on what your priorities are like do you have sports or other ECs, do you work? if not then your schedule would definitely be doable it just depends on your time constraints. Good Luck!
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  • mygoal123mygoal123 25 replies3 threads New Member
    it looks pretty challenging because of all the AP courses,
    so it looks good!....but good luck keeping up the grades!
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  • ephemeralblissephemeralbliss 183 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I think it's definitely doable. I took AP Spanish, AP Stat, APUSH, AP Lit/Lang (combination), Honors Physics, and Gifted Precal. I managed all A's for the whole year as well and I'm the type of person who procrastinates a lot. The key is just to start studying for AP's early. As for AP Human, I didn't take that course but only freshmen do at my school. I've heard it's quite easy.
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