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Former Apush students, I really need to read my book?

XxAPGAMERxXXxAPGAMERxX 1 replies2 threads New Member
Do I need really to read my schools APUSH book (American Pagent, 16th edition) to get a high score on the AP exam in May? I’m looking to score a 5 on it, and I won’t be happy with anything less.

Lately I haven’t had the time to read the book, so to compensate I’ve been just been watching video reviews on YouTube, which saves me almost 40-50 minutes. I figure that since AP History is overseen by the CollegeBoard, which overseas a nation wide exam once a year, that the content and information in every chapter should be the same- essentially, my guess is that every Apush class in the nation is learning the exact same things (only way to keep things fair, since everyone takes the same test).
So if I just watch a video, I’m learning the exact same things, just in a more convenient format.
But what I’m wondering is that if skipping the book is making me any less prepared for the AP exam in May.
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Replies to: Former Apush students, I really need to read my book?

  • helpingmom40helpingmom40 199 replies6 threads Junior Member
    My D20 took APUSH last year and I asked her your question. She said she used the exact same text book, read, outlined/took notes on the reading, AND watched the videos all year long as they covered material in class. The book gives more in depth information than the videos and while you can “get by” on the multiple choice, you absolutely need the book to get the details you have to include in the essays. She guesses she spent 5-6 hours a week with the book and is very happy with her 5. She also wanted me to point out she is a strong social studies student who got a 100 on the NYS Regents exam and ended the year with a 98 on her transcript, just so you don’t think she’s a dummy :smile:
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  • BingeWatcherBingeWatcher 984 replies7 threads Member
    D took it last year made a 5 on exam. same text book, no videos
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1685 replies28 threads Senior Member
    You won’t be happy with anything less than the highest score, but you don’t want to bother reading the textbook?

    Not everything in the book is covered in class - that’s why students read the book.
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