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AP Euro, AP World History, and AP U.S History - hardest/easiest in your opinion?

ContinenceContinence - 22 replies16 threads Junior Member
I'm planning on self studying all three over the summer, but my parents are suggesting I only study two, since three histories seem way too many.

They are recommending that I self study AP U.S History and AP European History because it's easier to remember European names than Asian/African names.

Which do you think is the easiest/hardest? Thanks!
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Replies to: AP Euro, AP World History, and AP U.S History - hardest/easiest in your opinion?

  • hahahahahhahahahah 1038 replies13 threads Senior Member
    From easiest to hardest: World, Euro and then US. Although some may flip US and Euro.
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  • blabbermouthblabbermouth 426 replies394 threads Member
    Im not too sure about the easiest to hardest thing, but in my opinion, you should go for AP World and AP euro. This is because the kind of overlap with each other, and I guess that makes it easier.
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  • r0kAng3lr0kAng3l 1620 replies62 threads Senior Member
    I thought AP History was quite hard (lucky enough to pull out a 92.5 by the end of the year). The thing is, it is a lot of work (I had 3 packets a week and a test once a week). I heard that AP Euro was the easiest out of that list, so from what I have heard:

    AP Euro, AP World, AP US <-- from easiest to hardest. AP World was not given to our school until last year (I missed it by 1 year!)
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  • CircularCircular User Awaiting Email Confirmation 362 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I can't talk about world cause I have not yet taken it, but to me US History was harder because:
    1. it had LOTS OF FACTS to memorize, more than Euro
    2. it was also kinda of boring until you got to the 20th century

    Euro, on the other hand, was interesting (there's always some war going on) and was more understanding of themes.

    Basically, in USH you might have to know a certain Supreme Court case, while in Euro you might have to know the difference between Lutheranism and Catholicism.
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  • byuboundbyubound 1316 replies11 threads Senior Member
    I never took WHAP, but I took the other two. I thought Euro was much harder than US.
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  • esthetiqueesthetique 1021 replies85 threads Senior Member
    Our school dropped AP World; no one took it because it was that hard. Next hardest is Euro.
    And dude, if you're going to go against what other people said about taking only one AP history, then at least listen to your parents about taking only 2. And yeah, do Euro and U.S
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  • byuboundbyubound 1316 replies11 threads Senior Member
    Our school doesn't even offer AP World History. World History is offered for sophomores to satisfy a history requirement, and the AP kids take AP European History the same year to satisfy that history requirement. Junior year everyone takes US History and the AP kids take AP US History for the same reason as Euro. I think it would be a good idea to cut back on at least one of those three, since I found Euro challenging all on its own.
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  • applicannotapplicannot 4292 replies74 threads Senior Member
    I found AP World History to be easy, but I took it after AP Euro. AP World History is, in my opinion, considerably more interesting and as a result, easier. I'd say, from least difficult to most difficult:

    AP World History
    AP European History
    AP US History
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  • BillyMcBillyMc . 7699 replies49 threads Senior Member
    AP World wasn't too bad for me, but I had a great teacher (so good that friends from neighboring schools asked me to give them his notes and website, though they weren't as good without his lectures). At my school, World and US require a year long class, but Euro is just half a year. Though I think World has the highest pass rate. Depends on the schools/teachers/prep.
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  • byuboundbyubound 1316 replies11 threads Senior Member
    APUSH had a fairly high pass rate at my school, with most people getting by with a 3, a small group of 4s and a couple 5s. For Euro, there were mostly 1s and 2s, a small group of 3s and maybe one 4. I never heard of anyone with a 5 on Euro at my school.
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  • applicannotapplicannot 4292 replies74 threads Senior Member
    I absolutely cannot imagine taking Euro in half a year. Are you on a block schedule?
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  • HarambeeHarambee 2600 replies4 threads Senior Member
    I had to take Euro and APUSH in half a year. I was on block scheduling. I took Euro during the first half of the year, and APUSH during the second half. Few students get 5s on these tests from my school.

    To answer the OP: I thought US was easier than Euro since we've been exposed to more of it than Euro. I'm taking WH next year
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  • byuboundbyubound 1316 replies11 threads Senior Member
    ^I also found that the exposure was mostly what made US easier for me than Euro.
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  • ECazndb8rECazndb8r 407 replies6 threads Member
    US is Hardest, a friend of mine took Euro and it was a piece opf cake, not sure about world...
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  • YellowDaisiesYellowDaisies 708 replies89 threads Member
    The final and definite conclusion from this thread:

    It is all Subjective!! :)
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  • bunbun24bunbun24 68 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Our school never offered World, nor did i choose to self study it
    but from my experiences in Euro and APUSH and the AP tests i would have to say APUSH is easier simply because a lot of it you have already learned or at least heard of. With Euro there is a broader timeline and some of the things taught you probably never hear mentioned. Frankly APUSH is more specific and detailed, Euro not as much but larger span of time and area.
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  • natkat7natkat7 3 replies1 threads New Member
    From easiest to hardest: World, U.S., European History.
    World is the easiest because it is the most general out of all of them, U.S. History is hard because there is a lot to memorize, and it can be boring material at times, but European History is harder because there is A LOT of material to memorize and the DBQ's are the most challenging.
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  • BanjoBanjo 197 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I would say AP US History is the hardest, because of how specific the info is.
    I had done a lot of general reading, so I found my AP World History class to be really easy and I was able to take the AP Euro exam after one night of looking at a review book.

    I ended up with triple 5's- history was definitely my strong point in high school.
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  • ksarmandksarmand 2725 replies18 threads Senior Member
    AP World History = ridiculously easy.
    AP U.S. History = more detail-oriented, but you will be just fine if you regularly read throughout the year.
    AP European History = definitely the most challenging. It requires just as much knowledge of detail as APUSH, if not more, and is more demanding when it comes to essays - APUSH's essays were a joke, at least when I took the exam (2009).

    As a side note, history is one of my stronger subjects, so perhaps my post is colored by an excessive subjectivity.
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  • BanjoBanjo 197 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, I have to agree with ksarmand's last point. My interest in some areas of history might have skewed my view of the tests' difficulties.
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