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Homeschool/ family overseas questions?

scout17scout17 0 replies1 threads New Member
For the upcoming school year our family will be overseas for mission work. We need to ensure our high schooler keeps up with the 10th grade and the rest of her high school years until our return. Can anyone please suggest Legit online schools? We figure that will be the most accountable format because parents hands will be full with mission work. Any advice?
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Replies to: Homeschool/ family overseas questions?

  • sunnyschoolsunnyschool 1245 replies31 threads Senior Member
    There is Florida Virtual School and Virtual High School. FLVS can be done from anywhere, but if not a FL resident, the cost is $400 per class per semester. The courses vary but generally require a lot of work at the computer, as well as phone calls with the teacher and unit tests as well as a final. I think VHS cost is similar. I have heard BYU offers a good program also.

    There is also Johns Hopkins CTY if the student is qualified (gifted program) but it is more demanding.
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  • NYhomeschoolerNYhomeschooler 49 replies9 threads Junior Member
    NorthStar Academy is another good online school. It is used by a lot of missionary kids.
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  • PentaprismPentaprism 495 replies8 threads Member
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    When my D took classes at Stanford EPGY, there were many students in her classes living overseas.

    But watch out for your pocketbook. It's not inexpensive (my D was grandfathered in from the old program, which was much less expensive).
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