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Anyone have experience with switching to homeschool for junior and senior years of high school?

vcjipjvcjipj 0 replies1 threads New Member
My son has been in Christian schools for K-10th grade. He is experiencing some OCD issues with handwashing, has had some eating issues, and now, we have uncovered a lot of things he is texting with his friends about that do not align with our parenting values. He does not have his phone anymore and we have started counseling. We are considering homeschooling too. We wished we had started in 7th grade but hindsight is 20/20. Has anyone had experience with starting homeschool for Junior year in high school?
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Replies to: Anyone have experience with switching to homeschool for junior and senior years of high school?

  • shookethspeardshookethspeard 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Just in advance— I’m currenlty finishing up my first year of homeschooling (I’m a junior), so I don’t know much from a parenting perspective, but I started homeschooling for my junior year. Part of the reason I switched was due to mental health issues, but anxiety, not OCD. If the issues your son is facing are causing him to do poorly in school, the adjustment to homeschooling might be easier than remaining in the situation he’s currently in. However, if you are considering pulling him primarily due to the things he’s doing that don’t align with your values, it could be very damaging in the long run. Again, I’m not a parent, but I’ve had friends who have been in similar situations. Parents being highly constrictive seems to only motivate worse behavior. If your son goes off to college after two years of homeschooling that occurred because you didn’t like the things he was doing, he could act out in college and make poor choices due to the newfound freedom. Are the things he’s doing a problem of his character, or is he just a high schooler? If my parents decided my behavior wasn’t aligning with their values and pulled me from school, I would be much less inclined to listen to them, and a lot of high schoolers feel that way. I’d seriously consider your motivation for switching before you do so, because it is a major commitment.

    That said, do have any specific questions about starting homeschooling in MA? I’m in MA, but a lot of things can apply across different states.
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  • Aug2019Aug2019 201 replies15 threads Junior Member
    S attended a homeschool cooperative for 7-12th grade and is headed off to a very good LAC next year. D, who just finished 9th grade in public school will be switching to the cooperative next year. We are fortunate to have this option; great, personalized education with 20+ other students. D was in a 2,000 student high school, did well but instruction was hit or miss and so much of the day was spent filling out worksheets.
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  • bopperbopper 14210 replies100 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    Is he planning to go to college?
    If so, he will be facing the same issues.
    You need to balance the values you want to teach vs. overcontrol that will make him rebel.

    I have a very good friend with OCD and in my experience the more you "cater" to the OCD, the worse it gets. I am not saying don't let him do some OCD rituals, but don't make his and your life centered around them. Make sure he is getting therapy.
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