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Homeschool High School Online vs. Home vs. Community College HELP!!

Steelers04Steelers04 1 replies1 threads New Member
We will be homeschooling our son for high school and would love some advice as to what the best options are. He is in 9th grade and is interested in studying computer science in college. I am very nervous about setting up his program. My son is most interested in online options because he feels that it will allow him to work around his schedule at also at his own pace. He is motivated and self-disciplined so I do not see this as a problem. Has anyone had success with online classes and college admissions?
At this point, my thoughts are to do online classes for 9th grade and perhaps look at classes at our community college for 10th grade. I know most recommend holding off on dual enrollment classes for 11th and 12th grade, however, I know some say start right away.
How do you meet high school requirements, look appealing to colleges all while pursuing interests and enjoy learning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Replies to: Homeschool High School Online vs. Home vs. Community College HELP!!

  • taverngirltaverngirl 1112 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Not sure if it's okay to add a link, but this homeschooling forum has a college subforum with lots of people who can help answer your question. https://forums.welltrainedmind.com/forum/17-the-college-board/

    If this doesn't work, I'll PM you.
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  • threegirlpileupthreegirlpileup 162 replies17 threads Junior Member
    I think any combination of what you describe can work, depending on your kid’s needs/personality. We did a combination of these along with community-based classes (which may or may not be an option, depending upon where you live).

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  • JanieWalkerJanieWalker 440 replies16 threads Member
    The answer is going to be - whatever is right for your kid. My oldest did online classes through PA Homeschoolers (AP), CTY Online, and our local public charter virtual school for 9th and 10th. Those courses allowed her to progress through material and class levels at her own pace, and she was able to take courses at a level our local public high school doesn’t allow/doesn’t have. She is now taking three in-person dual enrollment courses as an 11th grader (along with three online APs through PA Homeschoolers). She LOVES her dual enrollment classes. Will probably just do all dual enrollment next year for 12th.

    My youngest is doing all online for 9th this year, and then will start with dual enrollment next year for 10th.

    I mentioned specific online resources because that’s what mine used...but those aren’t the only quality providers. The Well Trained Forum mentioned above will have members who use all kinds of online resources, and they (along with members here) might be able to compare and contrast different sources.

    When to start dual enrollment will depend on your local cc or state colleges’ rules (they might have a minimum age), and how well you feel your son is prepared for the expectations and rigor of a college class.

    There are as many different ways to homeschool as there are Homeschoolers though. Some folks design their own courses, make use of homeschooling coops, etc. Not everyone does online courses.

    As for interests - my two have two main ECs that they’ve been involved with for a decade. They also are involved in community things like Girl Scouts and volunteering. They also have part time jobs, and there are community-based clubs and sports and everything else you can think of close to where we live. So not having access to typical school ECs has not been an issue for them. I actually think my two CAN join school ECs if they want to...that might be a law in our district, I don’t even know....but they are already busy and wouldn’t be able to fit anything else on their plates anyway.
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