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Please Help Pick Schools for Homeschooling Senior

Halcyon24Halcyon24 34 replies6 threads Junior Member
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We are in Florida, my son desperately wants to go to a school in the northeast near a major city. His Act score was 29 (he gets the latest results for his most recently taken test on Dec 26), he took the sat and got 600 Math and 700 english but doesn't want to submit it???, his GPA is 3.77. He has taken about 4-5 classes at his local community college, mostly honors otherwise, some very high level mathematics classes (which unfortunately don't translate to his ACT--he isn't a good standardized test taker due to mild ADD--no accomodations received unfortunately). He is captain of the local high school's bowling team, was selected for an internship at a local Marine center (for last summer and for htis school year), he works part time, has been practicing tkd for 12 years and is a 2nd degree black belt, assists in the younger children's classses. He has travelled A LOT as part of his homeschool experience: France Italy, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Germany with his dad mostly (who is an art historian and conservator so lots of art history exposure). He is a good kid, needs some structure, a little laid back. Not looking for an overly competitive atmosphere but really enjoys discussions with smart kids. Needs some guidance so a smallish school (but not too small) is what he needs.

So far here's his list (and YES we know some of these are major reaches; he has accepted that he probably won't get in, but he's very into the 'prestige' factor, unfortunatley.) I dont want him applying to more than 12 schools. As a homeschooler, it's already overwhelming me and him both with the extra essays and requirements.

Please help. We need more solid Matches. I really like Goucher for him, and hope he gets in.

Vassar ED--rejected
NYU #1 choice-Reach
Trinity College-Match Reach
Connecticut College-Match
Knox-Match Safety
Sarah Lawrence-Match Safety
Skidmore -Match Reach
Dickinson-Match Reach
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Replies to: Please Help Pick Schools for Homeschooling Senior

  • JanieWalkerJanieWalker 444 replies16 threads Member
    Dickinson might be a nice fit. It's not the northeast, though. Have you looked into Clark University in Worcester, MA? It's a small university and homeschool friendly. Quirky and unpretentious vibe, great programs, etc.

    That being said -- both Dickinson and Clark like demonstrated interest. The deadline is January 15. If you have time to check them out in person soon -- as in, this week -- do so.
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  • aquaptaquapt 2282 replies47 threads Senior Member
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    How about The New School in NYC? The Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts has under 2000 students, average class size of 16, and the artsiness of the school seems to fit his interests and background. (Parsons School of Design is also part of The New School, including their Paris campus.) They have dorms in Greenwich Village. Should be a safety for him in terms of stats and acceptance rate (and they do give merit aid so maybe he'd get some), but might still have the "gravitas" he's looking for. 1/15 deadline. https://www.newschool.edu/lang/
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 42367 replies455 threads Senior Member
    Kalamazoo is a good safety - close to Dickinson in international outlook.
    Check out St Olaf, his international experience would play well especially if he's interested in arts& languages - check out the Global Semester and the Conversations.
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  • cinnamon1212cinnamon1212 776 replies8 threads Member
    You have a few schools not near a major city, so I'll add these (also not near a city): St. Lawrence and Hobart & William Smith.

    I'm less familiar with Gettysburg and Franklin & Marshall, but know they are popular.

    Also, Marist (very close to Vassar).
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