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Questions related to my Undergraduate.

akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
edited November 2011 in India
hello. im from india and am in my junior high school year. im a pretty good student(or so ive been told). i however have some queries before applying for any us colleges next year.

#1. my high school gives marks out of 100 for each subject( i have 11) and then does percentage overall (total marks secured*100/full marks 1100). so i have no way to get cgpa or gpa. so what do i write in the blanks given for cgpa in the common apps form?

#2. my high school doesnot offer any formal AP or accelerated or honors or IB courses. there is a fixed school curriculum which is pretty much rigorous. so am i at a disadvantage? if so how can i rectify?

#3. my school leaving results come out during may 15th or something. so i cant show the certificates to the colleges. is that a problem? anyway my school offers 3 terminal examinations followed by the school leaving exams in the senior year.

#4. does cgpa include my grade 11 results(3 exams again)?

#5. on a fixed basis my school doesnot give out outstanding results so that students dont get overconfident. and the question papers are tougher than any other schools or advanced courses(it makes the sat exams look like a piece of cake). im pretty much always the highest outta 179 students but my overall percentage is only 85%(as i said, school doesnt give very high scores intentionally). is this a disadvantage? anyways all my teachers are very much satisfied with my performance.

#6. i will give my sat 1 and sat 2 next year and toefl too. i guess all my results will be very close to the perfect scores. i have been playing piano for 10 years and guitar for 7. i play soccer for my school too. im a member of my school chess club and am one of the editors of my school magazine. ive been to a lot of science camps based on my academics too.

so what is your opinion? can i get into a top us college? and plz do reply to all the problems ive posted here. thank you.
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Replies to: Questions related to my Undergraduate.

  • dreamlorddreamlord Registered User Posts: 88 Junior Member
    Not a direct answer, see if you can find anything that helps you.

    Your school will make a school transcript for you, which will include the courses taken(you don't need AP or IB) and grades/marks achieved of 9th,10th,11th and 12th mid term. It is the responsibility of the school counselor to show how you performed with respect to the other children in the batch. The admission committees know our system and that getting a 95% is not a viable option. So if as you said you are one of the top students in your school, you're fine.
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    and what shall i enter in the cgpa part?
  • dreamlorddreamlord Registered User Posts: 88 Junior Member
    I suppose you leave it blank. Your transcript will cover it anyway. Not sure, wait for another answer.
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    ok. thanks for the help anyway.
  • Tizil7Tizil7 Registered User Posts: 1,686 Senior Member
    #1: Don't write in anything. Never convert to a GPA/CGPA.
    #2: Don't think about it. It doesn't matter.
    #3: Not a problem. They need your mid year reports. You can tackle the rest once you are accepted somewhere.
    #4: No.
    #5: Has your school sent kids to the colleges you are applying to? If yes, don't bother your head about it. You pay the school for a counselor for that. If no, make the counselor/principal sent a school profile to that college.
    #6: Good for you. And a 2400 on the Reasoning Test? Haha I would rather not comment.

    Do I think you could go to a top US school? Would you be sad if I said no? Or happy if I said yes? You shouldn't be either because I am in no position to judge. I am not an admissions officer. As a competitive peer, I would say no. As a neutral third party, I would say yes. But if you really want an honest opinion, ask yourself if you would like to accept a person with your achievements to a place where the best in the world congregate.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, don't mean to. :)
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    @Tizil7 thanks. thanks a lot bro. couldnt express my gratitude well enough. as far as your comment on my expected sat score, my cousin got 2400/2400 in sat 1. he is now in cornell. however he studied in us not here in india. and no my school doesnt send out international students. seems like i have the break the ice. lol. anyway if you are familiar with indian education you would know that india has some fabulous colleges too(e.g. IITs, IISc, ISI et al). so people here dont just go out. my reason is different though. i love the best of all things(world's best in this case). and anyways the male:female ratio in the IITs in india is 10:1 at best, sometimes even 20:1. lol. being a straight guy, a college full of sex-crazed, love deprived men doesnt suit me. lol. sorry for such a boring post. hope you dont hate me.

    and are you sure i dont have to fill up the cgpa score in the common app? none of the staff here in my school have any idea. bloody school!!

    thanks again. love you(in a straight manner. lol).
  • Tizil7Tizil7 Registered User Posts: 1,686 Senior Member
    10:1? Hahaha :D my friend tells me that there only one girl in his CS class. And wouldn't you honestly prefer a good NIT over ISI? Plus, (not be harsh), but yoga re assuming that your test-taking ability is as good (if not better) than your cousin's :p

    I am sure you don't have to fill it. It is your counselor's job to explain that to the colleges in her letter.

    Haha I would have replied earlier, but I couldn't.
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    im not telling im 'way' better than my cousin( thats why i said it would be a "nearly" perfect score). its just that i have taken tests 'way' tougher than the SATs. lol.

    are you applying for colleges this year though?
  • Tizil7Tizil7 Registered User Posts: 1,686 Senior Member
    Ah. I used to think the same way as you. But unfortunately, the SAT is a very inaccurate test. No in it's correlation to IQ (that's r=0.82, which is very good) but in the way it is made. Crudely put, 1 raw point usually equals 30-40 scaled points. Couple that with negative marking, and you have no scope for error. The other thing is that CollegeBoard, the administrators and and makers of the SAT, themselves say that each section has a stdDev of 60 points, which when added up, gives a stdDev of +- 180 points on the actual test. Meaning, when I got my score of a 2200 today, my score could have been anywhere from 2020 to 2380 when I had taken the same SAT under different conditions.

    All these statistics aren't taken into consideration by colleges (of course, they have their # of nobel laureates and Rhodes Scholars to increase every year) and so it becomes all the more difficult. Being an international student puts one in a dilemma:

    1. Will the colleges attribute a low SAT score (1800<x<2000) to the lack of familiarity and suitable coaching centers?
    2. Or being an Intl student, thereby being more competitive, do college expect a higher score from me? (2100<x<2400).

    One month from today is my school deadline to submit all the applications :)
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    where do you live?
  • Tizil7Tizil7 Registered User Posts: 1,686 Senior Member
    Haha, look at the location to my left ;)

    But seriously, I would rather not reveal since many people have already associated this account to my real identity and I would like to be more cautious from now on. But be assured, I am as brown as you (racist :eek: ) :D
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    plz help me here. i need to know all the us colleges i can apply to. i will definitely apply to all ivies. then?

    and for reference lemme tell you that i need full scholarship. i wont let my parents waste all their hard-earned money into my stupid college education. 1 or 2 lac Rs is ok. but $30000 per year? no way at all.

    plz give me a relevant list of all colleges you think i should apply to. it will surely help me. plz plz.
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    and btw im not brown at all. im rather a fair olive-skinned bastard to be honest. and im no racist either.
  • Tizil7Tizil7 Registered User Posts: 1,686 Senior Member
    Hahaha. Well you get the point. I am Indian :D
    It was a gross generalization.
  • akashdipakashdip Registered User Posts: 728 Member
    answer my previous question plz.
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