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Low school scores..


Replies to: Low school scores..

  • maverick2016maverick2016 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    Karan, I'm aware. However, the schools that we're talking about get students with 2400 SAT Scores and 4.0 GPAs. Not one or two, but hundreds, if not thousands. Often, these perfected applicants don't get in. And these GPAs are cumulative i.e over the last 4 years, starting from 9th grade. Of course, there are a host of other factors that need to be taken into account like Extra Curriculars and Reccos. But, these numbers do have a whole lot of importance. It's not that it's completely out of the question, it's just that it'll be extremely unlikely. From the ivies, you might have a shot with not HYP schools. MASSIVE emphasis on the might. MIT, HYP are definitely huge no's. There are many other great schools out there, don't just go after the big names.

    Also, colleges(especially the ones you want to go to) will always put more emphasis on academic than extra curriculars. They should look at you as a whole person, but they don't. It's as simple as that.
  • karan11295karan11295 - Posts: 406 Member
    Yup, the admissions process is flawed indeed. Not that India's system in any better, where your whole life hangs on one exam.
    But I'll still apply to the Ivies and the rest. If they don't want me, their loss. And ph34k you still have a good chance at many non-HYPMS colleges. All the best for the admissions process. And ask your counselor to write a good letter. That'll help a bit. Good luck
  • maverick2016maverick2016 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    I'd recommend applying to them. But, not JUST them. They're massive reaches. Go after other schools and try the HYPMS schools as well. Who knows? They just might be looking for someone who's not pedantic and boring, someone like you.
  • canhazphysicscanhazphysics Registered User Posts: 323 Member
    You're talking about 60s as a bad thing. I have a 30 and a 40 in my 12th boards, and yep, I'm going for Cornell, Columbia and MIT. Not Caltech, cuz they won't consider these scores no matter what, but if you DO have a valid reason for your scores, if you can show you can handle the workload through your SAT IIs or other courses, and if you can write an impressive application, the numbers will not kill you.

    I'm not saying any of these schools will accept me, or even read my application twice. I'll probably not even get through UCSB, which is one of my top 3 choices. It's just that there's a difference between a low-scorer and a dumb kid, and you can prove that your school record isn't an accurate reflection.
  • maverick2016maverick2016 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    It doesn't matter whether you're a low-scorer or a dumb kid. That's completely irrelevant, in this case. The comparison model for those schools is not Dumb vs. Not Dumb. It's High Scoring Smart vs Low Scoring Smart. If they have to choose, they'll definitely pick the former. For them, one off test is understandable, one off year, in extreme cases, is too. However, if that off year is in Senior year, when your courseload is the closest to that at college, is less than understandable unless there's a really, really, really, valid reason behind it. The general rule of thumb is GPA>SAT>ECA and Reccos> Interviews, especially for these schools.

    Again, I'm not saying you won't get in. All I'm saying is it's extremely unlikely and that instead of looking at all the top schools, you should consider other schools that might be a better fit for you and/or would be willing to accept you.
  • canhazphysicscanhazphysics Registered User Posts: 323 Member
    Sure, as a general rule of thumb. But the rule of thumb is BECAUSE the grades are usually an accurate reflection of what to expect from the kid. I can only talk of my case, for I know no other, but I've supported myself for 3 years, won a NASA contest, went through severe mental illness, and after 2 years off from school, gone on to give 12th after prepping for one month this Feb, all on my own. I then took the SATs, got a 780 in Lit vs the 46 in CBSE 12th English, and can pretty easily trump the average MIT applicant at any literary or science comptt.

    Point being, grades matter so much because there is no other way for the college to know *for sure* what sort of a student you are. They won't wrack their brains trying to figure out if you're a fit. However, if you can SHOW them your numbers lie, they'll stop mattering sooner than not.

    And even if you get a 33 and cure cancer, you're still in everywhere. That was the overstatement of yours I don't agree with.
  • maverick2016maverick2016 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    Number one, that was not an "overstatement", that was an exaggeration. You're not supposed to take it literally. It seems you're taking a lot of this a bit personally, I'd just like to remind you that I'm just giving MY opinion and this is in way the opinion of the hundreds of Admissions officers, as I have pointed out on multiple occasions throughout this thread.

    I was a research intern at a think tank under the MEA, one that has never accepted undergrads, let alone high school students. I interned and had a research paper published by them. I could trump any International Relations student at Harvard in that field any day. However, that doesn't matter because my GPA isn't "perfect" and because my SAT scores are low. I'm applying to Georgetown, not even the HYPSM schools, yet, I have little, if any, hope of getting in. That's the reality of the situation. You can be a friggin' genius. But, if it isn't on paper, it's nowhere. However, you can make light of your situation and the adversities you overcame, which is extremely commendable btw, but, the scores are too low. I mean a 60-70, you could probably work with, that's the recruited athlete zone, which is pretty much the bottom. Lower than that, it gets highly unlikely.
  • canhazphysicscanhazphysics Registered User Posts: 323 Member
    Na, I wasn't taking it personally. I was half convincing you and half convincing myself :/
    I thought I wouldn't apply to any top 50 initially; until I realized I had nothing to lose applying to schools I really wanted to go to, as well.

    But I discussed my app with a couple of people who've gone through the process on a more intimate level, and it's unlikely for a kid with those numbers to get in, but when the whole person comes alive, the numbers do take a back seat.

    GPA isn't the only "paper", is my point. It's a very important paper, but there are other papers that can prove your worth too.
  • karan11295karan11295 - Posts: 406 Member
    Looking at both of your achievements I am having doubts on my own app. I have never worked, never interned or never done much in my life. Butttt, I do intend to rock whichever college I go to. So I am happy. :D
  • IRBCobaltIRBCobalt Registered User Posts: 448 Member
    Yikes. I have like an ~84% in class 11, but i doubt that makes me *very* qualified. It definitely not all about scores, but the thing is, we're foreign applicants, and there are many of us. A bad score and good everything else we might have, but yea, there are thousands of people with supergood scores and supergood everything else. There is no way, even if our essays are ultraawesome, that we can trump them.
    The whole thing is very luck based. Its better that we dont expect anything and keep plan Bs and Cs behind this.
  • phr34kphr34k Registered User Posts: 328 Member
    I also read somewhere in CC posts that some guy from India got in MIT with 50's or 60's in his Math 12th!

    @maverick- I actually think that the college process is kind of wholesome in HYPMS.. They don't just take a look at your scores and then decide whether to continue to look at the application.. At least HYP don't do this...
  • canhazphysicscanhazphysics Registered User Posts: 323 Member
    Just when I decided to not apply to MIT, you give another spark of hope! Why o why is this process so frustrating!
  • phr34kphr34k Registered User Posts: 328 Member
    @canhazphysics- Go ahead and apply. The process is quite fun actually! And with your background and achievements you have a good shot....
    As for me I have no clue why should I even apply but I am applying. Even with those horrible scores!
  • phr34kphr34k Registered User Posts: 328 Member
    @canhazphysics- I found that thread- Here's the link-


    There's a post where some guy got into MIT with 63%!

    See! Be optimistic. If you deserve to get in, no scores or tests will be able to stop you..
  • karan11295karan11295 - Posts: 406 Member
    So my 83 is okay? That sounds so good.
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