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How do I look in collegeville ?

quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
edited November 2012 in India
I got a 2050 on my SAT1 (630-cr,750-math,670-writing) and 800s in SATII's in phy,chem and math2. Because my SAT1 was bad I also took the toefl iBT and got 106. I am an Indian(male) and also have straight A's in class from class 9 in one of the best schools in India.I topped my class for 3 years in a row.
Besides I have internships in 2 organizations(pretty rare for indian), I play keyboard,have 2 international awards and am a state level athlete.I have taken part in all clubs in school, vocalist in carnatic music and also did research projects in summer on soil conductivity.I have 60-80 hours on community service and hope to qualify 2 Olympiads this year too.I am VERY passionate abt going to MIT.Sadly international students can only apply RD. Over the past 4 years only 1 person got in to MIT from my school. and that worries me a lot.
I am also applying to stanford,caltech and CMU,UIUC.

For me the main problem in EC's was because I am also focussing on IITs also(like other indian kids).
Do i stand a realistic chance, or a waste of a dream.
Guys can you help out ??

Also I forgot to add that I have made biofuels, telescopes(physics teacher is proud of that), making an iOS app(Apple does not have radio, indians need RADIO) and have done work in rural India on electricity and clean energy.
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Replies to: How do I look in collegeville ?

  • hopingforbetterhopingforbetter Registered User Posts: 810 Member
    With 2050, there isn't much to expect, but you may stand a chance if your essays are stellar.
  • anialwaysanialways Registered User Posts: 1,210 Senior Member
    Go through the the following link, only you can tell after reading through, what your chances are. My advise, have many more choices on your platter, that are a match for you, and you will not be disappointed.

    Check out the Admissions Statistics MIT For the class entering in the fall of 2012

    Admissions Statistics | MIT Admissions

    This is from their page with regards to 'perfect match', among other things,

    The Match Between You And MIT | MIT Admissions

    The Match Between You And MIT

    " When we admit a class of students to MIT, it's as if we're choosing a 1,100-person team to climb a very interesting, fairly rugged mountain - together. We obviously want people who have the training, stamina and passion for the climb. At the same time, we want each to add something useful or intriguing to the team, from a wonderful temperament or sense of humor, to compelling personal experiences, to a wide range of individual gifts, talents, interests and achievements. We are emphatically not looking for a batch of identical perfect climbers; we are looking for a richly varied team of capable people who will support, surprise and inspire each other.'''
  • anialwaysanialways Registered User Posts: 1,210 Senior Member
    """Over the past 4 years only 1 person got in to MIT from my school. and that worries me a lot.""""""

    Have a broader perspective, and do not let one particular college's Acceptance/Rejection decision define who you are and what you have to do in your life.

    Also read this very interesting blog, and you will get what I am trying to tell you

    There Is No Formula

    There Is No Formula | MIT Admissions

    ""Of course you need good scores and good grades to get into MIT. But most people who apply to MIT have good grades and scores. Having bad grades or scores will certainly hurt you, but I'm sorry to say that having great grades and scores doesn't really help you - it just means that you're competitive with most of the rest of our applicants. MIT is very self-selecting in that regard.""

    Also more Blogs that mit recommends you should read,

    The Selection Process | MIT Admissions
  • quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    @hopingforbetter : I think that since I am over the 25% range at my dream schools, I think that they'll look more into my EC's and (hopefully!) drop my SAT scores. Besides, with my SAT2 scores they should understand that I am quite proficient at my Sciences, and my toefl score should show that I am not so bad at English too(I still came in top 6% in sat1 in my country). BESIDES I dont want to show them how good I am at CR or writing but how much of a change I can make to the world right ?
    @anialways: Yup , you are absolutely right. I tried going through those same paragraphs over and over but I dont know how much of a blend I will be able to provide.Thats why I want to ask you guys for help.
  • quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    Ben has this amazing way of putting things together and sewing them wonderfully into words. And besides the only point that actually deters me is the face that people put on when you say you want to be an MIT'ian. Its like you are a crazy guy trying to climb Everest with nothing but underwear and a pair of shades.
  • anialwaysanialways Registered User Posts: 1,210 Senior Member
    There is nothing wrong about aspiring and applying at MIT. The reality is that all applicants are equally strong and there are only so many, a particular number that they can pick. Therefore, your chances of making it are as as good as the rest of applicants. And frankly it is a lottery. And you should go for it.

    No one can and will be able to predict your chances of acceptance at MIT or for that matter any other place where your application is a match ie. top 25 percentile, in terms of grades, SATs etc. A match just increases your chances not seals it.
  • quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    confusing ... yet strangely reassuring.
    thanks !!!!
    But what abt places like UC Berkeley and UCLA ??
  • fall2016parentfall2016parent Registered User Posts: 823 Member
    You have a better chance at UC. Essays will be the key. But UCs give no financial aid. There may be other chances of internships or opportunities (summer) in the UC campus (depending on how good you are). Any UC folks may have more to add.

    Just adding one more rant..Indians seem increasingly obsessed over MIT. There are many many good institutions here that can provide you with a great education. Go for the right fit for you, not just rankings.
  • quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    Thank you !
    I guessed so too, even my counselor seems more satisfied by UC's
    and by the way, I guess Indians are more fascinated by MIT because the academics and focus on learning is almost equally rigorous as a course in India....so it feels like home !
  • dasadhikarikdasadhikarik Registered User Posts: 97 Junior Member
    Yeah, I'm sure it's because of the rigor of the courses and focus of learning, and not the fact that you and your parents get to show off to everyone else.

    By the way, here at Imperial College London, and pretty much everywhere else in the UK, we first-year aeronautical engineering students are studying advanced structural analysis, aerodynamics, and advanced mathematics. My counterparts back at MIT are still stuck on Biology 101, Chemistry 101, Physics 101, and how to "rigorously prove" the derivative of ln(x). And the appeal of such a school is, of course, academic rigor, not prestige or anything. Uh huh.
  • anialwaysanialways Registered User Posts: 1,210 Senior Member
    Check the UIUC SAT profile

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois)- SAT Scores

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois)- SAT Scores

    It seems your scores are a match here.

    Also it is one of the best Engineering schools, in case rankings interest you,

    University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign | Best Engineering School | US News
  • quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    @dasadhikarik::::showing off is what everyone starts of with when they first say the 3 letters. Even at my school there were many who said that they were off to MIT. But at this stage, after going through all the 'trouble' , i mean academics, EC's and tonnes of people telling you that u are not worth a shot, I think it takes pure fascination to still say u love MIT. And this is not normally foolish bravery.......
    As for your college, it is definitely one of the best in the world...but it is again more like India, here I keep getting told to learn countless textbooks, I want to do more. That is exactly why chose MIT , for pure research.
    Anialways I already applied to UIUC early, so I definitely know that it is impressive.
  • dasadhikarikdasadhikarik Registered User Posts: 97 Junior Member
    Oh, so you consider it 'trouble', do you? Because I never said it was any trouble. It doesn't take any bravery at all for anyone to anonymously say over the Internet that they love MIT. And generalize/make uninformed comments much?

    You don't know what it's like at Imperial. I didn't know what to expect last year, and since you have never been here, I don't expect you to know anything either. Do you know that every single year at Imperial, we have projects which most MIT undergrads don't even think about through their 4 years? First year is a 2ft x 1ft aluminum truss that can hold up a car without breaking. Second year is a wind turbine. Third year is a revolutionary aircraft concept. Fourth year is research in industry for 2 months.

    Actually, at Imperial, we don't have a single textbook. There are no reading lists for engineering courses. You should only consider supplementary material/consult the internet if you don't understand something. This is more than I can say for ANY American college, MIT included, which dumps at LEAST $1,000 of college books on you each year. So, if you hate countless textbooks so much, MIT is the wrong place to be headed. Oh, and by the way, if you were really a research-oriented person, you would be doing research wherever you are, not bleating on and on about how MIT is the only place in the world where you can possibly research. Good day to you, sir.
  • quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    ok. thanks !
  • quiverfoxquiverfox Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    Oh and I said 'trouble' sarcastically.chill out man. I just told you my opinion. and I respect yours too.
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