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List of schools that give aid to international students

codeguycodeguy 216 replies18 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 234 Junior Member
edited November 2013 in India
I searched and found out that there is not a single website that contains the list of all the colleges that provide aid to internationals like us.
So, i'm making a new thread. Add the colleges you know about, This will help the future applicants a lot.

Here's the colleges i know about

Arizona State University
Barry University
Clark Univ.
Eastern Michigan Univ.
Grinnell College
Harding Univ.
Illinois Inst. of Tech.
Liberty Univ.
Brown Univ.
Calvin College
College of Wooster
Dordt College
Eckerd College
Florida Inst. of Tech.
Georgia Southern Univ.
Graceland College
Luther College
Middlebury College
Northeast Louisiana
Savannah Coll. of Art
Slippery Rock Univ.
Smith College
Texas Christian Univ.
Tri-State Univ.
Univ. of Miami
Univ. of Rochester
Louisiana State Univ.
Macalester College
Marquette Univ.
Abilene Christian Univ.
Allegheny College
Augsburg College
Beloit College
Bethany College
Brandeis Univ.
California Lutheran
Cleveland Inst. of Music
Colby College
Columbia Univ.
Concordia Coll.
Cornell Univ.
Denison Univ.
Franklin & Marshall
George Wash. Univ.
Goshen College
Houghton College
Ithaca College
Julliard School
Knox College
Lake Forest College
Lawrence Univ.
Lewis & Clark
Lynn Univ.
Maharishi Intl. Univ.
Monmouth College
North Park Univ.
Principia College Rochester Inst. of Tech.
St. Augustine's College
St. Johns College
St. Lawrence Univ.
St. Olaf College
Trinity College
Tulane Univ.
Tufts Univ.
Univ. of Maine
Univ. of Wisc./Eau Clair
US International Univ.
Washington College
Washington Univ. Wesleyan Univ.
Western Maryland Coll.
Wittenberg Univ.
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.
Albright College
Amherst College
Augustana College
Bates College
Bennington College Bowdoin College
Central College
Coe College
Colgate Univ.
Davidson College Dickinson College
Earlham College
Eastern Nazarene
Elizabethtown College
Gettysburg College Gustavas Adolphus Coll.
Hamilton College
Hampshire College
Hood College
Johns Hopkins
Kalamazoo College Kenyon College
Lafayette College
Messiah College
Michigan State Univ.
Mount Union College
Occidental College Spalding Univ.
Swarthmore College
Taylor Univ.
Thomas Aquinas Coll.
Troy State Univ.
Univ. of Chicago
Univ. of Colorado/Bldr
Univ. of Oregon
Univ. of St. Thomas
Univ. of the South
Vassar College
Wabash College
Wellesley College
West Virginia Wesleyan
William Smith College
Williams College
Univ. of Bridgeport
Univ. of Houston
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Univ. of South Florida
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Replies to: List of schools that give aid to international students

  • ImmaTakeYourJobImmaTakeYourJob 22 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 24 New Member
    Quite a list you got there, Sumit. :)
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  • ImmaTakeYourJobImmaTakeYourJob 22 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 24 New Member
    National Universities That Offer Full Ride Scholarships | The Collegiate Blog

    I got one word for you. Cross-reference. Is it still one word if it's hyphenated?
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  • hopingforbetterhopingforbetter 794 replies17 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 811 Member
    Add "Cornell College" to the list..I got $27000 out of $48800 (including everything like personal expenses, laptop and transportation) in scholarship and grant. That is quite a good amount considering that I applied very late after the deadline.
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  • Crystal31Crystal31 327 replies12 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 339 Member
    This seems to be a very helpful list indeed! Great share OP :)
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  • BChanakyaBChanakya 107 replies14 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
    What is the earliest date for the applications for freshman year to be sent to Harvard, or for that matter , any other school??? Can we apply to a college before the beginning of senior year?? Will this have any effect on the decision???
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  • keya93keya93 182 replies15 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 197 Junior Member
    I have been awarded more than $52000 out of the $57000 estimated tuition+living+dining+personal costs by Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts; part of the Five College Consortium). The ladies here should definitely consider it :)
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  • AnandAnubhavAnandAnubhav 4 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Congrats all of u! Btw what was your SAT score???
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  • codeguycodeguy 216 replies18 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 234 Junior Member
    I was bored and so I made an updated list.
    This one contains Cornell College and Mount Holyoke.

    1: Abilene Christian Univ.
    2: Albright College
    3: Allegheny College
    4: Amherst College
    5: Arizona State University
    6: Augsburg College
    7: Augustana College
    8: Barry University
    9: Bates College
    10: Beloit College
    11: Bennington College
    12: Bethany College
    13: Bowdoin College
    14: Brandeis Univ.
    15: Brown Univ.
    16: California Lutheran
    17: CalTech
    18: Calvin College
    19: Central College
    20: Clark Univ.
    21: Cleveland Inst. of Music
    22: Coe College
    23: Colby College
    24: Colgate Univ.
    25: College of Wooster
    26: Columbia Univ.
    27: Concordia Coll.
    28: Cornell College
    29: Cornell Univ.
    30: Dartmouth
    31: Davidson College
    32: Denison Univ.
    33: Dickinson College
    34: Dordt College
    35: Earlham College
    36: Eastern Michigan Univ.
    37: Eastern Nazarene
    38: Eckerd College
    39: Elizabethtown College
    40: Florida Inst. of Tech.
    41: Franklin & Marshall
    42: George Wash. Univ.
    43: Georgia Southern Univ.
    44: Gettysburg College
    45: Goshen College
    46: Graceland College
    47: Grinnell College
    48: Gustavas Adolphus Coll.
    49: Hamilton College
    50: Hampshire College
    51: Harding Univ.
    52: Harvard
    53: Hood College
    54: Houghton College
    55: Illinois Inst. of Tech.
    56: Ithaca College
    57: Johns Hopkins
    58: Julliard School
    59: Kalamazoo College
    60: Kenyon College
    61: Knox College
    62: Lafayette College
    63: Lake Forest College
    64: Lawrence Univ.
    65: Lewis & Clark
    66: Liberty Univ.
    67: Louisiana State Univ.
    68: Luther College
    69: Lynn Univ.
    70: Macalester College
    71: Maharishi Intl. Univ.
    72: Marquette Univ.
    73: Messiah College
    74: Michigan State Univ.
    75: Middlebury College
    76: MIT
    77: Monmouth College
    78: Mount Holyoke College
    79: Mount Union College
    80: North Park Univ.
    81: Northeast Louisiana
    82: Oberlin
    83: Occidental College
    84: Ohio Wesleyan Univ.
    85: Princeton
    86: Principia College
    87: Rochester Inst. of Tech.
    88: Savannah Coll. of Art
    89: Slippery Rock Univ.
    90: Smith College
    91: Spalding Univ.
    92: St. Augustine's College
    93: St. Johns College
    94: St. Lawrence Univ.
    95: St. Olaf College
    96: Stanford
    97: Swarthmore College
    98: Taylor Univ.
    99: Texas Christian Univ.
    100: Thomas Aquinas Coll.
    101: Trinity College
    102: Tri-State Univ.
    103: Troy State Univ.
    104: Tufts Univ.
    105: Tulane Univ.
    106: Univ. of Bridgeport
    107: Univ. of Chicago
    108: Univ. of Colorado/Bldr
    109: Univ. of Houston
    110: Univ. of Maine
    111: Univ. of Miami
    112: Univ. of Oregon
    113: Univ. of Pennsylvania
    114: Univ. of Rochester
    115: Univ. of South Florida
    116: Univ. of St. Thomas
    117: Univ. of the South
    118: Univ. of Wisc./Eau Clair
    119: US International Univ.
    120: Vassar College
    121: Wabash College
    122: Washington College
    123: Washington Univ.
    124: Wellesley College
    125: Wesleyan Univ.
    126: West Virginia Wesleyan
    127: Western Maryland Coll.
    128: William Smith College
    129: Williams College
    130: Wittenberg Univ.
    131: Yale
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  • andu5195andu5195 3 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5 New Member
    hopingforbetter, how much did u score in SAT ?
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  • hopingforbetterhopingforbetter 794 replies17 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 811 Member
    ^I scored 2100.

    Note: Do not mistake Cornell College to Cornell University.
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  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids 83917 replies1003 discussionsForum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama Posts: 84,920 Forum Champion
    It looks like that list includes schools that only give "merit based aid" (not need based) and schools that only give need-based.

    University of Alabama needs to be added. It gives large merit scholarships to int'ls with certain stats who apply before Dec 1.
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  • keya93keya93 182 replies15 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 197 Junior Member
    I'm confused about whether anyone was asking me, but I got a 2250 on the SAT.

    A high SAT score may help you get FA, especially because most schools are not need-blind in their admissions. I.e. it'll help if you're near the top of their applicant pool.
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  • ajd297ajd297 41 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    Add Boston University, Babson College.... For merit aid
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  • hopingforbetterhopingforbetter 794 replies17 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 811 Member
    Illinois Tech is already in the list but I still want to say something about their merit scholarships.

    On their website, they say that an international student can receive a maximum of $20000 as a combination of several scholarships. But that apparently is not true.

    My friend got $30000 and I got $31500 as a combination of International Student Scholarship and Housing Scholarship. We initially got $25000. Later, my friend asked for an additional $5000 and I asked for an additional $6500. IIT accepted both the requests and extended our scholarships.

    So, those who want to apply to IIT and need a significant amount of scholarship to attend can apply. They are negotiable. I'm very sure that they would have extended the scholarship at least to $35000 if asked. Who knows..maybe even more.
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  • savemylifesavemylife 70 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    Does any body know of scholarships that are not given out by colleges and don't require you to be a US citizen or a green card holder ( I mean scholarships like the Coca-Cola scholarship that gives away $12.000)?
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