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Class of 2022 Admissions for students from India

uscitizenindiauscitizenindia 28 replies6 threads Junior Member
Can we start a thread for admissions to US universities for students from India (Class of 2022)?
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Replies to: Class of 2022 Admissions for students from India

  • cassanovacassanova 8 replies1 threads New Member
    Alrighty let's begin. Can everyone post their current school, stats(CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB/SAT/ACT/AP) and ECs along with the colleges they are applying to and their preferred major.
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  • uscitizenindiauscitizenindia 28 replies6 threads Junior Member
    My details are below.

    Current Education System: CBSE
    Consolidated Percentage of Marks (9th through 11th): 90%
    95.47% in 10th grade, ICSE
    SAT: 1380/1600
    Subject SAT Math 2: 780, Chemistry: 740
    Applying to

    UT Dallas
    UT Arlington
    UT Austin
    University of South Florida
    Georgia Tech
    Ohio State
    University of Houston
    North Carolina State
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  • prajneyaprajneya 4 replies0 threads New Member
    @cassanova Where are you applying to?
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  • ckmyd234ckmyd234 64 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Current education system:Maharashtra state board
    12: predicted 85%(still in high school)
    Sat:1370 ebrw:620 math:750
    SatII:Maths level 2(760) physics (750)
    Applying for computer engineering/electrical engineering (both are actually pretty much same at undergraduate level)
    Have pretty good LORs also
    Applying to-
    Uc irvine
    Uc davis
    Ut austin
    Texas a&m
    Arizona State University
    Carnegie mellon
    University of Illinois at chicago
    Ut dallas
    Penn state
    Georgia tech
    U mass amherst
    University of Cincinnati

    I know most of them are out of my league but applying can never hurt.
    ECs are moderate:
    National level football
    School head boy
    School council for three years
    Board of directors in rotary(ngo)
    Helping and teaching orphaned students at a ngo(ngo was visited by texas a&m students)
    Invited to visit NASA by securing a rank in national astronomy Olympiad
    2International Olympiad ranks
    District level table tennis
    Anchoring the junior students annual day and management head for senior students annual day
    Selected by scouts for a football camp in Sweden
    Also selected for International football tournament at nepal(Could not attend due to personal reasons)
    2 months Internship in quality assurance department of a wheel-rims producing factory
    Took professional course in C language programming
    District level roll ball
    Took professional course in german language know it till A1 level
    Pretty strong in drama and acting(have participated in all drama avents in school and also won in some inter school competitions)
    Played drum throughout my school life beginning 2 grade till 11 grade

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  • ckmyd234ckmyd234 64 replies5 threads Junior Member
    If anyone can chance me in some of these then it would be great.. also post your details too
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  • uscitizenindiauscitizenindia 28 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I think Purdue, Arizona State and UT Dallas are sure shot places for admission...
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  • ckmyd234ckmyd234 64 replies5 threads Junior Member
    What about texas a&m and penn state?
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  • itwasaweddingitwasawedding 64 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys I applied to the following schools:

    University of Pittsburgh
    University of Wisconsin- Madison
    University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
    Ithaca College
    SUNY Binghamton
    University of Delaware
    Trinity University
    Ohio State University
    Purdue University
    UMASS Amherst
    Temple University
    Miami University

    I'll be majoring in Accounting. I got a 1360 on the new SAT and 8 bands on my IELTS exam. Have been accepted to Pitt as of now.
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  • ckmyd234ckmyd234 64 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hey I got into UIC(university of Illinois at chicago) for undergrad computer engineering along with 40k scholarship distributed over 4 years
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  • ChitrasubbuChitrasubbu 1 replies0 threads New Member

    My son is a US citizen. He is studying here in India. He would finish school here by April 2022. he goes to a IB board school now. I'm planning to change him to CBSE board or PUC ( state board of Karnataka) for his grade 11& 12. In case he writes the state board exam for his grade 12 is he still eligible for SAT?
    2. Will US colleges recognize the state board exam of Karnataka or should he write only the CBSE board?
    I would appreciate if you someone could help me out in this?
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  • goaggiegoaggie 42 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @Chitrasubbu For writing SAT it doesn't matter what board you come from. The IB system has a very good academic reputation. When my daughter applied to Texas A & M there was a separate box to be checked if you had done IB. Most good colleges look at the rigor of the high school curriculum. I don't know much about the IB diploma so can't judge if it is more rigorous than CBSE or ICSE or any other state board. I don't know how good PUC is ( We are US citizens living in Pune) but make sure you choose the tougher syllabus.
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  • CValleCValle 788 replies69 threads Member
    @Chitrasubbu - we are also US citizens in Karnataka. My daughter is doing IB. I would suggest you make a decision now.

    If he is going to the US - continue with IB. NO other syllabus in India gives the kind of training in the writing he will have to do once he is in a US college. IB is also widely recongnized - there is a chance of advanced college credit for classes in which he gets a 6,7 in IB.

    If he is going to be staying in India - then by all means switch to CBSE or PUC. While CBSE is known to US colleges, and kids get into US colleges from CBSE schools, I don't think it provides a well-rounded enough curriculum to prepare a student for success in American colleges.

    BTW - make sure you understand the restrictions for US citizens applying to colleges in India. I have many friends who had very difficult times because they had to go in under the OCI quota.

    Just my two cents.
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  • applicantclass2022applicantclass2022 32 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Here are my stats. Need advice on my chances to the universities I have applied for and what safe schools I should be applying.

    SAT - 1440 (M-770, R-670)
    SAT - Math II (800), Physics (760)
    9th and 10th GPA - 10
    Good ECs and decent app essays

    Schools applied (so far): pls advise on my chances
    Georgia Tech
    Wisconsin Madison
    University of Michigan
    University of Washington
    University of California - UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UC-Irvine, UCSB, UC-Davis

    What good safety schools do you recommend I apply to?

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  • UmaSridharUmaSridhar 121 replies3 threads Junior Member
    #applicantclass2022, based on what i have read in CC you have a good chance with UIUC(depending on your major), wisconsin Madison,UW (not sure where you have applied) , UCSD and UCD.

    We have applied similar colleges for my D.. lets wait and watch.

    which is your ED?

    all the Very best.
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  • applicantclass2022applicantclass2022 32 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @UmaSridhar Thanks for your reply and guidance. I have mostly applied for computer science (college of engineering). Cornell is my ED school.

    What are your daughter's stats? Are you applying for computers as well? Good luck to you as well!
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  • UmaSridharUmaSridhar 121 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @applicantclass2022 computer science is very competitive is what i have heard..but you might never know...
    My D ACT superscore 35, subject SAT 2 - 2390 / 2400(Math2 / Phy / Chem).. majority A1 and few A2s from 9th till 12th sem1. Studying in a CBSE school. Applied undeclared natural science

    Upenn ED
    Texas austin
    Johns hopkins
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  • applicantclass2022applicantclass2022 32 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @UmaSridhar Agreed,hence I was wondering what other safety schools to apply for. All the best with the process! hope you start getting positive results soon!
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  • UmaSridharUmaSridhar 121 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @applicantclass2022 i know kids with very similar starts as yours last year got acceptance from UIUC / UCSD / Purdue and UW for CS.. so we can hope the same or more for you :) All the very best.. yes will share the results as we receive.

    Not applying for financial aid, i understand plays a very important role for international students.
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  • ivoryraveneveivoryraveneve 10 replies2 threads New Member
    I'm applying RD to: NYU, Tufts, Brown, UPenn, Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Yale, UCB, UCLA, UCSD, Boston U, Duke, Stanford and USC.
    ACT: 33
    SATII: Math 2: 790, Literature 710
    IB: 43/45
    I'm from Delhi!
    Interdisciplinary Study in CS and Literature/Music :)
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  • slaythedogmaslaythedogma 113 replies8 threads Junior Member

    I'm doing the A-Levels in Kolkata. My predicted grades are A,A,B and my SAT is a 1480 (770 in EBR+W / 710 - M). I'm applying to mostly liberal arts colleges, about 20 of them, because I need substantial financial aid. My early decision college was Claremont McKenna College, which I'm bound to get rejected from. Solid ECs, and my essays are something I really focus on. Hopefully something works out, and all the best to everyone!
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