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What are my chances (out of state/international student)

iamdaoneiamdaone 18 replies8 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 26 Junior Member
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Background check first. I attended a competitive Asian dominated high school in California from the 9th to the 10th grade. Due to personal issues which took place in my family we were forced to relocate to India, which was a very tough experience for me. I currently will be applying for college from India to a numerous set of universities which I'll list below. It's been a rough experience, especially since my dad lives in Texas for his job and that I had to leave all my friends and everything else behind but I'm determined to get through it and I feel like I did a decent job. Here are my stats. (I'm a US citizen so im pretty sure I'm considered an out of state student.)

10th: GPA: 3.67 unweighted, 3.83 weighted. One AP restriction for all students at my school so I took AP World History like everyone else. Got a 3 on the exam.
11th(India): English: 92% Math: 94% Biology: 87% Chemistry: 85% Physics: 85% Computer Science: 91%
Btw GPA doesn't exist in India, I went to a State Board School. (Rank: Top 15 at school).

Test Scores: SAT: 1480(one attempt)
SAT 2: Math 2: 800 Physics: 790
TOEFL: 110(I took it just in case)

ECs: On the basketball team, got second place at three tournaments, 100+ hours of volunteering at the local library , Math Club and Programming Club Member. (Might intern in the summer)

Other important things: One letter of recommendation from the Vice Principal, Proficient in Python and JavaScript, Played Piano for 8 years (achievements are too old can't put them on the application.) I also plan on addressing this journey on my college app essay, of how I adapted to the things around me, and instead of regret and sadness to take it as a learning lesson towards success in the future.

Here are my list of universities:
Purdue, UIUC.
I'll be applying for Computer Science/ Computer Engineering to all these Universities except UC Davis (Economics), Purdue (Data Science), and Cal Poly(Business)
I don't really know any others to apply to, it'd be great if you guys could help me on that and chance me for these. Thanks!
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Replies to: What are my chances (out of state/international student)

  • Puzzeled101Puzzeled101 93 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 96 Junior Member
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    I think that the rest of your application needs to be still compelling. Admissions readers don't have all the time to account for personal circumstances of an individual applicant. They have to review applications very quickly, because of the vastness and the number of applications. That said, your 11th grade marks (which are the most crucial) make it harder for the more selective schools on your list. There is sheer competition, and I can guarantee most international/ out of state applicants, even from your school, will be very if not more competitive, according to their STATs. Although your SAT and subject exams make you somewhat competitive, my best advice would be to improve your grades for next year, and set the bar high.
    As for chancing you, know one can give you a definitive answer. The college admissions process is unpredictable, and I know that, because I just went through the process.
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  • aunt beaaunt bea 9742 replies61 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 9,803 Senior Member
    CS at the UC's will be extremely competitive.

    Can you afford the OOS tuition for the UC's and CSU's at $65K per year? You won't be getting any State aid.
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  • iamdaoneiamdaone 18 replies8 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 26 Junior Member
    @aunt bea My parents can afford the 65k per year, we have an income bracket is around 300k. Little Financial Aid is required. I understand that CS will be very competitive, which is why I might apply for Data Science at UC Irvine and Computer Engineering at UC Davis, these two universities being my top choices.
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