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Chance me - Maths research with a catch

ByronMiltonByronMilton 6 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 9 New Member
I am a high school senior in India, who has only begun to do really "heavy EC's" this december, after deciding to try mainly for the US instead of Oxford. My main EC is that I have started working on a maths research paper, being mentored by a Doctor from Stanford. In addition to this, I am also self - studying Hatcher's Algebraic Topology, which is a graduate textbook. However, I am not sure whether or not I will be able to complete it by the time application season comes. So, will this still be a a major "hook", or is it worthless until it is published? I can still ask him for a letter of recommendation in which he mentions this.

Also, I have begun to write poetry in the last year. If I can win something major (like Foyle young Poets), would this make poetry a major "hook" as well? Even as a self - depreciating Nihilist, I believe there is a chance for this.

My stats are:
- IB score 41/42, 7s in all subjects except German SL
- EE is a semi - original result in maths, it is a proof of a variant of the Toeplitz conjecture.
- Maths IA is a novel but cumbersome proof of the Borsuk Ulam theorem for 3 dimensions.

In addition to these, my EC's are

- Founder of maths club
- created exhibition of mathematics in our school
- Completed Kumon program in 9th grade with 5 years ahead distinction.
- Self studied Apostol's Calculus, Armstrong's Topology and Mathematics - A discrete introduction by Edward R Schneidermann (we cant enroll for college courses in India, and the usual college online stuff (Multivariable, linear algebra, etc.) is now too below my level to be of any help.)
- Self taught philosophy, read Plato's Apology and Republic, Descartes's Meditations, Burke, Aristotle's Poetics and kant's Progonomera.
- Run a poetry circle with 20 students from schools across the city, where me and a friend taught literary theory, aesthetic philosophy and poetry writing. It was modelled after an MFA conference. At the end, we will publish a book with two poems written by each participant.
- Participating as Performance engineer for F1 in Schools world finals, joined after team from my school beat nationals. The team is of 6 people now.

So, what are my chances for the Ivies? What are they for Oxbridge?
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6364 replies48 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 6,412 Senior Member
    Your background reads much more UK than US to me. (btw, would PhyPhi at Oxford be interesting to you?)

    US universities will not usually see a research paper as a 'heavy EC'. Neither self-studying a grad level text book nor writing poetry are considered to be a 'hook'. A 'hook' is something that the university wants: a ***lot*** of money, a particular talent, a particular background.

    Have you participated in IMO?

    You may mean "self - depreciating Nihilist" but I suspect you mean "self-deprecating Nihilist"

    The "Ivies" take fewer than 10% of applicants, from pools in the tens of thousands. Of accepted applicants, ~10-13% are international students (as an example, Harvard takes ~5 students from India every year). As a mathmo you should be able to calculate your chances.

    For Oxbridge take a look at the MAT, which is used to make the cut for Oxford, and the STEP papers, which Cambridge uses.
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  • HazeGreyHazeGrey 213 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 216 Junior Member
    There is also a Maths & Philosophy joint program at Oxford. One of my son's kitchen-mates does that course and enjoys the diversity of work. He claims it's the "hardest undergrad program at Oxford". Would second the advice to look at past MAT papers to see how familiar you are with the material.
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