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UIUC ,Purdue,Georgia Tech Chances

robophilerobophile 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi All, I am an Indian male in my senior year. I am an American citizen and hence will not be considered and international student.It would be great if you can chance me for UIUC ,Purdue,Georgia Tech,
Applying to Computer Engineering Program.
SAT:1520(Superscore) EBRW:750 Math:770
CBSE: 488/500 Class 10 (School Topper)
Class 11 Stream Topper(All scores 95+ /100 except English)
PCMC Stream
Good Recommendation letters(Principal,Vice Principal and so on)
I have MOOC certificates in Machine Learning and Robotics from UMich,IBM,GATech.
EC’s : MUN(Have served as Director General and have Chaired three MUNs+Few awards as delegate)
Guitar(5 Trinity Grades+Member of an Orchestra)
Few Science quizzes ,fairsand Olympiads with good regional ranks,
Theatre Artist,Public Speaking,MCing,Youth Parliament,Debating
I also have published some scientific articles Times Of India.
Intern at an Educational Startup,Teach Physics for poor children through an NGO called Kriya Sangh,and Board Member of a Tech Startup called Clood(Head of ML Department).
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Replies to: UIUC ,Purdue,Georgia Tech Chances

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9170 replies91 threads Senior Member
    CS has become the most competitive major with acceptance rates far below what is published for these schools as a whole. I think your stats certainly put you in the running but they should be considered reach schools, especially since you will be considered an OOS applicant. Definitely apply to all three but have some match and safety options as well.
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  • robophilerobophile 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thanks for the reply! Can you suggest some schools that I can consider as safety for my stats,such that they have a good CS program.
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  • TechnElixirTechnElixir 10 replies2 threads New Member
    Hi !
    I am an international student hoping to study at Georgia Tech or UIUC for computer Engineering. What chances do I have considering the following profile.
    SAT 1: 1420 ( RW: 660; MATH: 760)
    SAT 2 PHYISCS: 730 but not needed for the schools
    GPA: 4/4 for all 3 years of coursework (12th grade results won't be out before application deadline)

    1. Lead Guitarist of the school rock band performing at National Competitions for 2 years, finishing 1st and 3rd respectively. Also performed at an even that had schools from foreign countries.
    2. Leader of the school Cricket team, the most competitive sport of my city. finished a close second from a pool of around 75 teams. Also won 3 trophies in different competitions.
    3. Designed a motion detection rover for disaster and calamities/ security . Won the best project prize at school's biennial science exhibition. Designing included experience with circuits and coding.
    4. Volunteer work of over 60 hours by being part of school's social service club and also on a personal level, providing meals for underprivileged every 6 months.
    5. Also participated in olympiads and other national competition. Won a gold medal at National Cyber Olympiad but way back in 2013.
    6. Learnt to code in QBasic, C++, Visual Basic, Arduino IDE. Also have my own blog talking about technology.

    Asian, parents can afford the weird costs.
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  • aunt beaaunt bea 10184 replies70 threads Senior Member
    @robophile: You need to look at your budget and then consider schools within that budget. All of the public schools will be considered as OOS, so the fees will be expensive. Scholarships are few and far between and if you were to qualify for federal funding, it's not very much. Private universities already have high fees. Get a good guidebook like Fiske or google your options. Try U of Alabama.
    Yes, you are an American citizen, but you will be compared to all the other American citizens who are not stateside.

    @TechnElixir, please start your own thread since your posting on this thread is considered "hijacking".
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