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Best Fraternities

debrockmandebrockman Registered User Posts: 1,036 Senior Member
My daughter has a very negative attitude about frats in general and tells me that fraternities are nothing but places to drink. I refuse to believe that, so I am asking
folks out there....if you have a pretty conservative son, who is strong academically,
loves sports, doesn't drink (he really doesnt. He's allergic. Not kidding.) is not a drug user,
Christian, Business student.....are there any fraternities that would be a good fit for him?
He's always had a lot of friends. He isn't looking for a totally substance free group of kids. I don't think that's realistic on any campus, but he's always talked about wanting to go to a big name grad school and he wants to keep his grades up....so he wants to be around other kids who want to keep their grades up, too. Any suggestions of IU frats where the kids are pretty clean livers :)
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Replies to: Best Fraternities

  • LoonLakeLoonLake - Posts: 913 Member
    Your son sounds just like me, although I do drink a little bit but not too heavily.

    I would suggest SigEp (sigma phi epsilon)... They were the only frat that I rushed, and I ultimately turned down my bid but they were still the nicest guys I've ever met in my life and the freshman that were signing this year were pretty good guys. It was "originally" substance free, but things obviously change, but it seems like they keep it on the low key. They have the highest average GPA of all the frats on campus.

    Here's the website for the IU chapter: Sigma Phi Epsilon - IN Beta

    I would say avoid Kappa Sig, Delta Chi, Acacia
  • debrockmandebrockman Registered User Posts: 1,036 Senior Member
    Loon Lake....thanks for the recommendation. And for the list of avoidances. I'll pass on your thoughts. He's ultimately very interested in Volleyball and he may just head off that direction, which will, I'm sure, give him a tight group of friends, and he is Kelley, so that brings a group of people too....and we're in state. Making friends won't be hard, but just something to consider. I think he is mostly concerned about being around people who have a similarly serious academic focus. All State schools can turn into party machines if you don't put yourself in the right mindset.
  • damitssamdamitssam Registered User Posts: 617 Member
    The only fraternity I can think of that doesn't drink much is SigEp... BETA use to not drink at the house but they threw wild live out parties... pretty much your only two options.

    You could also try one of the business fraternities, DSP.
  • debrockmandebrockman Registered User Posts: 1,036 Senior Member
    Gosh, you guys are pretty much confirming my daughter's opinions.
  • LoonLakeLoonLake - Posts: 913 Member
    Do you realize that IU is among the top party schools in the nation? I'm not saying not to send your son here, but if he has a problem with being around drunk people,drugs and alcohol, you really might wanna look at some different schools. Especially considering the fact that he cannot drink.

    I'm not allergic to alc like your son, but I came into IU pretty against drinking and I found that without doing it, there's absolutely no way to have a social life unless you're Asian or a music major. Neither of which I am.

    So your son would be the sober guy going to all the parties, which was me for like the first month. Not a good time. You get to play babysitter because you're the only sober person there, and you spend the second half of the night holding random girls' hands as they stumble and listening to your friends puke.

    People will say that I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. I'm quite frankly sick and tired of hearing people everywhere saying that you don't need to drink to have fun at IU, because it's just ****ing lies.

    As far as fraternities go, IMO, it's SigEp or bust.
  • ElizaBElizaB Registered User Posts: 658 Member
    If your son really doesn't drink, a fraternity (other than Sig Ep) might not be the best choice for him. I don't want to sound rude, but I am in the Greek system and it is a very party-centered culture. There are still many incredible aspects to being in a chapter here that you would not be able to experience outside of Greek life, but your son might feel uncomfortable - right off the bat, at least - being a non-drinker. I say this because it's what fraternity rush is based on, and partying inside fraternity houses goes on at least 3 nights a week.

    That being said, Sigma Chi, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), and Beta Theta Pi are known for being more focused on academics than other chapters at IU. They still party but have more of a "gentlemen" reputation.
  • debrockmandebrockman Registered User Posts: 1,036 Senior Member
    You GUYS, are you serious? This is kind of what my daughter thinks, too, about IU. I think this is sad. My son has been around plenty of drinking in HS. He went to a big and affluent high school. He just doesn't head that direction. He tends to go to "do" something...see a game, play video games with other nondrinkers, play cards, shoot hoops....you know....GUY stuff. Please tell me that there are kids there who won't be trashed all weekend. He is interested in club sports. One that does some travel. I'm hoping that will save him. He's really a lot of fun and a cool guy....just not a partier....in the traditional college sense.
  • LoonLakeLoonLake - Posts: 913 Member
    Please tell me that there are kids there who won't be trashed all weekend.

    I heard a statistic that 23% of IU students under the age 21 drink. He is bound to find someone, but it can be hard sometimes.
  • hi_im_leilahi_im_leila Registered User Posts: 2,024 Senior Member
    Finding people who drink occasionally but don't party every weekend isn't too difficult. Finding people who don't drink at all, however, is rare (although I do have a few friends who absolutely refuse to have a sip of alcohol, and they are all lovely people with good social lives still!).

    The problem is that a LOT of prospective students know about IU's excellent party reputation, so they come to IU ready to party. I've actually been at parties before where annoying, naive high school kids have been in attendance as well. The problem is especially magnified freshman year because kids are on their own for the first time so they're going to take advantage, and yada yada. I've firsthand seen the effects of prioritizing partying over studying and some people on my floor are ****ed already in terms of health and academics because all they care about is drinking and going out.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here is that YES, partying is huge at IU, but as long as you surround yourself with good people who have their priorities straight, you will be able to keep things in balance and not go crazy.

    As for joining a frat, just encourage your son to go through the process of rushing to see if he finds any that will be a good fit. The Greek system is wonderful, but there are plenty of other ways to get involved at IU as well and make the most of your 4 years here.
  • ace550ace550 Registered User Posts: 1,126 Senior Member
    My twin boys are going to IU next year. I would like for them to play tennis 1-2 times and go to party one time a week with one bottle of beer maximum. They don't like the taste of beer at all. The older boy will be on honor floor. I am somewhat worried about the younger one who is planning to to stay in Kelley LLC. He would like to avoid a roommate who pukes in the room. Is there a question about the drinking habit as part of the consideration for dorm assignment?
  • hi_im_leilahi_im_leila Registered User Posts: 2,024 Senior Member
    Unfortunately, there are no roommate surveys involved or anything; if you choose to allow the University to pair you up with a roommate it will be completely random. The best way to combat this is to try to find a roommate via Facebook or that other website (I think it's called URoomSurf); I know people who have found their roommates this way very successfully. This way you can get acquainted with them somewhat and see whether or not they are the type of person you would want to room with. The IU groups on Facebook for each incoming class are always full of people seeking roommates.
  • Welch1016Welch1016 - Posts: 20 New Member
    ElizaB, ur obviously not as informed as you think, the FIJI guys are *******s. They had a gala during rush and they put dogfood in the food for people who wouldn't be getting bids..and i believe they are the frat that does the "elephant walk" am i correct?
  • ace550ace550 Registered User Posts: 1,126 Senior Member

    Thanks. I will ask my S to check it out. Is it safe to assume that students on honors floor are pretty serious about studying?
  • LoonLakeLoonLake - Posts: 913 Member
    Welch1016, you're retarded. I've been to Gamma Delt and one of my good friends rushed them (and didn't get a bid), and no such thing happened. And I'm pretty sure it was Kappa Sig that did the Elephant Walk, but it was like 5 years ago and they got in huge trouble for it.
  • ElizaBElizaB Registered User Posts: 658 Member
    Welch1016, I would say I am very informed as I have plenty of friends in FIJI. They are all extremely nice, HIGHLY involved on campus (every person in that house is required to be in a committee for IUDM), and focused on academics - in fact, I just came back from the library studying with a friend of mine in FIJI. And no one does the "elephant walk," that's a rumor spread by those who don't know better. Also, FIJI doesn't have a traditional rush since they start recruiting in the spring before their pledges come to IU, and they most certainly don't have a gala.

    Also, ace550, the Honors floors (at least the one in Briscoe) are much quieter than the regular floors, but they aren't completely devoid of partiers.
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