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Before college starts

SandroRodriguesSandroRodrigues 630 replies53 threads Member
edited February 2011 in International Students
Hello everyone,

I've been recently admitted to one of my top schools and I'm just waiting for the rest of the decisions to finally give the college a safe response.

As I wait, some other requirements, specifically the F-1 Visa, comes to my mind. In fact, I believe this is the only piece of the process about which I don't know a single thing. Thus, I would like to ask some of the experienced international students here in CC more about it:

Briefly, how does the process for Visa granting work?

What should I collect before scheduling my Visa intervew?

What would be a good moment to apply for the Visa? Is late-April still good?

If you want to make any addendum you consider to be important, please feel free to add it in your response.

Thank you so much for your attention!
edited February 2011
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Replies to: Before college starts

  • SandroRodriguesSandroRodrigues 630 replies53 threads Member
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  • b@r!um[email protected]!um 10287 replies175 threads Senior Member
    You can find all of that information here: Student Visas

    and probably also on the website of the US embassy in your home country.
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  • paukidpaukid 181 replies37 threads Junior Member
    The school will send you a document (can't remember the name) then you will have to schedule the interview, the sooner the better since these months are high months because of summer and school starting in Sept, so the sooner the better. You will have to take a proof of income or balance, and if, any grants you got, the acceptance letter, your passport, and if Im not wrong thats it. :)

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  • SandroRodriguesSandroRodrigues 630 replies53 threads Member
    Thank you for the information, gentlemen.

    Paulkid, do you happen to know whether the income documents to which you refer should be translated to English?
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  • paukidpaukid 181 replies37 threads Junior Member
    no, they dont. You will show them at the embassy to the consul (?) officer, he or she speak your language and they just need to take a look, is to proof you have enough money. They won't keep it or anything, jut look at it. You should take the 3 last bank statements, just in case.
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  • SandroRodriguesSandroRodrigues 630 replies53 threads Member
    Sorry, Paul, what do you mean by bank statement? I don't recall my family having one of those.
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  • macmillmacmill 413 replies9 threads Member
    ΛIts just a piece of paper from your bank showing how much money there is in your account.Your parents will know what this is.Most banks send bank statements every month and they reflect the transactions you made and show you the balance.
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