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Required High School Courses?

DifuztttDifuzttt 20 replies9 threads New Member
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After looking through the website of some colleges, I noticed that they not only recommend but REQUIRE students to take certain courses in high school. I went to a secondary school outside of US and my school had a different curriculum. For high school, we didn't have some of the courses like social studies and history. We took them when we were younger. So will the colleges in US still consider me for admission? Do they usually understand that international schools have diferrent curriculums and view us as exceptions? Or should I just not apply for those schools? I have all the other requirements though. I hope you can help me and thank you so much for you time!
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Replies to: Required High School Courses?

  • egelloc80egelloc80 798 replies20 threads Member
    Schools should look into you and see that those course were not availible or that there are equal classes that you have taken. As long as you meet your high school requirements you should be fine.
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  • b@r!um[email protected]!um 10241 replies175 threads Senior Member
    It's fine. Most American universities accept foreign high school credentials.

    Don't worry about admission requirements along the lines of "2 years of a foreign language, 3 years of math, 4 years of English." However, a few universities have more explicit requirements that are actually a pre-requisite for admission. MIT, for example, will only admit students who have taken calculus in high school. They cannot make exceptions because their academic curriculum assumes that everyone knows calculus.
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  • DifuztttDifuzttt 20 replies9 threads New Member
    I suppose the schools that have pre-requisites are schools that are specific for certain fields of studies. Liberal arts aren't like that right?
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