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What are my chances? international kid from dubai

scaredhighschoolerscaredhighschooler 18 replies4 threads Junior Member
So basically I attend a private high school in dubai, but it's not very well known around here. My freshman year I kinda messed up and got 83 and sophomore year I got an 84 I believe. Im currently a junior right now and my semester one grade is 84. Basically I have a B+ average which is totally horrible. I want to study molecular biology specially in the U.S . Im going to apply for a government scholarship which covers all the finances, they give me a monthly allowance and pay full tuition to any university of my choice, only problem is that they only accept people who are accepted into specific universities which mostly consist of the top 200 ranked universities in the world. Since currently we attend online school because of the COVID-19 thing, I have higher chance of earning all A's during my second semester. Do you think that I have slightest chance of getting into universities like Boston University or Georgetown, Fordham, or NYU? I really need to get into a good university because I cant stand living here anymore, the only reason my grades were so bad was because of the arabic subjects, will universities care? Yes, I am a half local but our primary language at home was always English so my arabic subjects are really brining me down. Please be fully honest and give me any advice to help me get the hell out of here.
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Replies to: What are my chances? international kid from dubai

  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3264 replies74 threads Senior Member
    There are plenty of colleges for B students here, even among the top 200. Being full pay (getting funded from your own country vs. hoping the college will give you a scholarship) definitely helps.

    You'll need excellent grades, though, if you want to have a chance at top 50 colleges such as Georgetown, BU, etc. I don't know if your grades truly translate to a B in the American system, but if so, you might take a chance with, say, Fordham, but you'll have to go down the rankings a bit more to find match and likely schools. If you are willing to do that, your chances of being able to study here will increase.

    Since you mentioned you "can't stand" living where you are, you should be aware that it is highly likely you'll have to return to your home country when you are done with the four years. Only a tiny fraction of medical school students are international, you might be asked to escrow the entire tuition up front, and B grades won't cut it. Getting a work visa is also a project.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43108 replies470 threads Senior Member
    What are the 12 "bottom" US universities on your list? We can give you your chances for those.

    Georgetown is out of reach, NYU and BU are big reaches, Fordham is possible but a high match/low reach.
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