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Help for high-school junior. Please help

SAF132SAF132 3 replies4 threads New Member
Im a student from dubai currently a junior in high school. Im planning to apply to universities in the U.S. Can someone make a list of all things I need to get done? For example, what standardized test should I be doing and stuff like that. And when should I start working on my applications and ect.
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  • b@r!um[email protected]!um 10272 replies175 threads Senior Member
    Step 1: decide where you'd like to apply, what you would like to study and how you will pay for your education. Now is a good time to do that research.

    Step 2: follow the application instructions given by the university/program of your choice.

    It's difficult to give you any more specific advice than that because different universities and programs do admissions very differently. The application deadline may be in December or May. You may be need one standardized test or four. You may or may not need two letters of recommendations from teachers or an external evaluation of your high school records.

    If you are applying to artsy programs, you may need a portfolio or an audition. If you are aiming for an athletic scholarship, you'll have to reach out to coaches. If you want to gain entrance into a limited-admission nursing program, you may need some clinical hours involving patient care.
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 5340 replies89 threads Senior Member
    edited May 19
    The first thing you need to do is get a budget from your parents, how much can/will they pay each year for college?

    Have you taken the ACT or SAT? TOEFL or ILETS (if your HS instruction is not in English)?
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10122 replies118 threads Senior Member
  • SAF132SAF132 3 replies4 threads New Member

    No budget and I'm going to be doing the IELTS test in July ( I already booked it). And ill be doing the SAT when they open test centers which is probably going to be in August.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30735 replies197 threads Senior Member

    Contact the counselors at the advising center closest to where you live. They will be able to help you by email or telephone if you can't visit in person. They are the experts at helping students from your country find good places to study in the US.
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  • flamingogirlflamingogirl 43 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Contact your teachers early for recommendation letters. They may be caught off guard by the fact you will be applying in October and November in some cases. Talk to your counselor about using the commonapp so he's on the same page as you. Additionally consider whether you will be applying ED, EA, RD. Also consider that for international applicants typically it is a LOT HARDER to receive financial aid so you should not count on that.
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