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How to fill in Common Aplication if you are international?

klottoklotto 34 replies9 threads Junior Member
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I would really appreciate some help. Common Application is killing me.

1. My school in Ukraine doesn't have CEEB/ACT code, but I can't leave this field blank...

2. Conselor's position. We didn't have conselor. The closest equivalent was our math teacher, who was kind of responsible for our class. Should I put her? Should I write her position as math teacher, or just teacher?

3. Conselor's e-mail address. She doesn't have one. Of course, I can create e-mail for her, but then it won't make any sense since she is not going to use it. If admission officer will contact her, she won't reply. I can't leave it blank...what should I do?

4. In secondary school section they ask to write whether I won't graduate, graduated early, late etc. I graduated in time but then took some time off. Again I should check one of this boxes, otherwise they make me put current year courses.

Please someone help me !!!!!!!!!
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Replies to: How to fill in Common Aplication if you are international?

  • NoFXNoFX 3727 replies57 threads Senior Member
    1. i think you just put 000000?

    2. Math teacher or teacher.. wahtever

    3. how can she not have on.. just ask her for her academic email addres..

    4. check, graduated on tiem, and if you feel that you must explain that you took time off, just exaplin it in the additional info section
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  • klottoklotto 34 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Thanks NoFX

    My teacher definetely doesn't have e-mail, I think even academic one. I know that's funny.

    The point is that there is no box called graduated on time, only early and late )))
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  • ajaycajayc 4342 replies340 threads Senior Member
    I dont think that is funny at all. Heh our school made its website just this year and we do NOT have councilors here.
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