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Chances for some Ivy Leagues

JebarPolskyJebarPolsky 561 replies205 threads Member
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I am living in Hong Kong. I am applying to some good universities for Business/Economics.
Here are my stats:

-SAT: 1430/1600 (2070/2400) - Very disappointed, taking it again because I consistently get 2250+ in practices
-SAT 2: 800 Math 2C, 780 Physics
-Taking full IB diploma with very rigorous courses, Math Physics and Economics higher level. Predicted 40/42

- UKMT Gold Medal Intermediate
- Member of Mensa International
The following Honors are possibilities for they havent taken place yet and there is still another year before application:
- Win an interschool business advertising competition
- Regional math competition
- Euclid Math Competition
- UKMT Senior next year

For my extracurriculars the following are the only noteworthy ones:
- President of a tutoring club for younger students in the school
- President of a guitar club
- Started a business with a friend where proceeds go to charity
- Summer employment at a bar (40+ hours a week)
- Model UN
- Debating
- Golf (started from scratch and within 3 months (200 hours) I started representing school in competitions)
- 100 hours of community service with Unicef

I think I can write a fairly good essay and will get good recommendations.

Here are the universities I am planning on applying to:

U. Penn
U. Chicago
UC. Berkeley

Can you chance me with my current SAT scores and possible changes if I do attain 2250 in my next attempt.

Thank you so much!
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Replies to: Chances for some Ivy Leagues

  • frankchnfrankchn 1248 replies18 threads Senior Member
    Do you need financial aid? If so, approximately how much aid do you need? That affects your chances a lot.
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  • JebarPolskyJebarPolsky 561 replies205 threads Member
    Oh sorry, I forgot to talk about that. I do not need financial aid.

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  • AndrewheatAndrewheat 214 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I would say you have a very good chance at all of them.

    Today I received my decision from UIUC and was accepted, even though my stats were merely average.

    With your stats, if you are able to convey a strong personality in your essay as well as recommendations, you can rest easy knowing you are a potentially good candidate. And regarding SAT, you'll very likely improve with subsequent tries since you get used to it.

    Overall, you are a strong applicant.
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  • JebarPolskyJebarPolsky 561 replies205 threads Member
    Thanks a lot mate. Anyone else want to chance me?
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  • Idiosyncra3yIdiosyncra3y 978 replies26 threads Member
    I have slightly better stats than you, (2240 SAT1 and 800 800 790 SAT2) and maybe slightly beeter ec's in academics/sport, less in the way of in community work and jobs, similar in music/culture and I am hoping to get into HYP Cornell and Duke.. The big negative for me is that i need almost full finaid. So, if I stand a chance of getting in (which I think and have been told that I do) you should...:)
    Edit: bear in mind that scores are not the be all and end all for these top places; just get above 2200 and you are in the right pile immediately!
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  • alam1alam1 1019 replies46 threads Senior Member
    I think you will get into at least one... given that you do not need aid. I am an international and I got into U Chicago btw. Higher SATs than you but lower IB predicted.
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