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Jobs / Programs during GAP Year before Medical School?

Hello members, this is my first post so please bare with me if this isn’t the right place for this post.

I’m currently a senior expecting to graduate in May. I’ve decided to take a year off before applying to medical school in order to get more research/ first hand experience in a hospital setting.

My question for you guys is: can you recommend any paid programs that I can apply to for a research position / healthcare related? I’m extremely interested in HIV research, so programs in that field would be extremely interesting to me, but anything that can give me more experience while being able to work in a hospital would be great.

something like this for example: UCSF Clinical/Research Opportunity posting for Post Bacs/Pre-Meds .hub | Opportunities and events from USC Dornsife College (it was only available for 2012)

If you don’t have any specific programs in mind, any suggestions on any types of jobs a pre-med can pursue after graduating? I have about 2 years worth of experience doing clinical research in an emergency dept, so I could say I have that kind of experience.

Any help whatsoever would be extremely helpful.


PS I've been google'ing for the past few days. Thought I'd take some suggestions now.
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