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Double Major vs. Multiple Minors for More Employment Options

CompSciMajor00CompSciMajor00 10 replies26 threads Junior Member
I am an incoming college freshman and I am going to study computer science. I really want to make myself more employable to companies, but I can't decide how. Should I study I double major between Computer Science and Business Management or study multiple minors in areas such as mathematics, statistics, and biology. I feel that the double major would give me more options for employment. However, I REALLY want to study a lot of things. I am really interested in the sciences like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and I want to move further along in mathematics too. I've heard that minors are also helpful with employment too, but I just can't decide what to do?
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Replies to: Double Major vs. Multiple Minors for More Employment Options

  • codemachinecodemachine 476 replies17 threads Member
    I would think a CompSci and Business major is invaluable, so I place my vote for that. You could go pretty much anywhere with that.

    On the other hand, minors could show breadth and specialty, although you'll get science/math classes as part of your curriculum, so no point in minoring in them.

    Less is more when it comes to these things, I would imagine. As stated, I would say go CompSci/Business.
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  • katliamomkatliamom 12852 replies169 threads Senior Member
    Start off with CompSci - it's a challenging major and you may not have a lot of extra time for minors. General requirements will probably mean you'll be taking biology, math, etc. anyway. If you find one of them also fascinates you continue to take classes in that field -- but only if it doesn't detract from your major.

    Employers are likely to prefer the CompSci grad with great grades over the CompSci with only OK grades plus a smattering of other classes. The first shows focus and accomplishment; the other a lack of dedication to much of anything.
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  • PancakedPancaked 3286 replies69 threads Senior Member
    Minors really aren't important to employers. They require so few credit hours that they demonstrate very little mastery, just interest.
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