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Summer Research/Internships WITHOUT Age 16 Requirement

sciGirl123sciGirl123 35 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Hello everyone!

I am really interested in doing science research over the summer, but I unfortunately don't turn 16 until the summer after my junior year. (I am currently a freshman).

Do you know of any programs or internships (or major universities) that do not require you to be 16 years old?

Thank you so much!
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Replies to: Summer Research/Internships WITHOUT Age 16 Requirement

  • juilletjuillet 12637 replies161 threadsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    In most states, the legal employment age is around 16,* so that's probably the reason for the requirement. Your best best is probably special summer science exploration programs for high schoolers, but those typically cost money rather than paying you (or being volunteer only).

    You could probably also contact a professor(s) at a nearby university and see if they would be willing to let you volunteer in their lab for a few hours a week. Even if they say no, if you are talented they might have ideas of some programs you can work in or take to build that interest and get you some experience.

    *In some states you can work as young as 14, but there are usually restrictions on the type of work you can do and how many hours you can work. That probably interferes with most science research internships, hence the requirement to be 16.
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