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Communications major dilemma, career options

ben556ben556 8 replies3 threads New Member
Hi, I'm looking for some input on a career path and college major.
I'm going to be a college sophomore and I need to decide whether to major in Communications (current major), geography, or IT (it specifically. not computer science) .
I'm a bit skeptical of staying in comm, as I don't know what job it would lead too, and the entry-level comm jobs don't interest me too much, expect things like video production.
Geography has caught my attention and I love looking at maps, just not sure if its something I want to revolve a career around.
Lastly, I'm into computers so naturally, IT is an option, jobs here are good so that's an incentive, but I don't like the idea of working solely with computers for years and years.

Really right now I'm looking between Communications and Geography mostly, which do you recommend, I could also minor in one or the other, or of course IT

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