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Quitting my co-op early-suggestions

I received an offer at energy company to do a multi term co-op with them. However, at the time I signed up with them I thought I would be doing accounting, but this company decided to put me in payroll. I have stopped learning in this position after 2 months and I am not doing anything I can use as experience for the CPA license. It extremely boring for me and half the time I am not doing anything. The downside of working here is that it takes an hour to get to work and I feel I will get stuck in payroll.

However, I received an offer to work at a public accounting firm that is doing tax. I am really interested in tax. This position pays more (almost $10 more per hour), five minute drive from my home and I can gain experience for the CPA license. Is it acceptable resign after one semester? What will be the best way of resigning from my position? I just feel bad because they had trained me for this position, but I understand that I can get fired at any point since it is an at will employment.
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Replies to: Quitting my co-op early-suggestions

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 11030 replies137 threads Senior Member
    Do you have a co-op advisor at your school? If so, talk to that person first.

    My D’s Co-op starts this May. She signed a contract committing her to three terms. We told her to think long and hard before signing and talk to her co-op office. Breaking a contract at her school is very frowned upon. Not only would it reflect poorly on her, but also on the school.

    Perhaps your school can help coach you on approaching your current employer to be sure that next term you are having a different experience outside of payroll.
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  • accountant19accountant19 3 replies2 threads New Member
    I do not need this co-op for credit because as a graduate student we do not have a co-op office at my school. Unfortunately, at my company once you are hired on in a position you are stuck in that position until you leave the company. It is very hard to get a transfer.
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  • agreatstoryagreatstory 131 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Did you sign a contract? If so, what are the terms?
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  • accountant19accountant19 3 replies2 threads New Member
    My contact did not have any dates. I know my company expects you stay 2 terms, but in the contract it says I can get fired at any point in time or I can quit at any point in time. I guess it is at will contract. Would it look bad if I just quit after one semester?
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 11030 replies137 threads Senior Member
    My D's co-op isn't for credit either but the school is still involved. Maybe start with talking to your academic advisor or career office if there is no co-op office.

    I would also talk to the company directly. Tell them you were hired in an accounting role and that being in payroll isn't providing the experience you need. I think that you need to give them the opportunity first of making it right.

    Also understand that if you break your contract, you are probably burning the bridge for a reference from that company.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 8014 replies39 threads Senior Member
    As suggested, talk with your school. They will still guide you. Next if needed talk to your boss or HR if that makes sense. Tell them you appreciate the opportunity but doing accounting is more inline with you employment goals. Let them see if they can get you into accounting department. If not let them know that you have an opportunity to do so and you would like to take that offer. The money aspect should not matter.

    As stated that reference will no longer be there for you.
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