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"What am I?" delimma

PlayWithPropanePlayWithPropane 122 replies32 threads Junior Member
Hello. I'm facing a bit of a problem on my cover letter. I'm sure this probably isn't a common problem.
I am a highschool senior and I am full time dual enrolling in college for both semesters (though I only need to complete one English graduation requirement). I'm finishing up my first semester there and the highschool will let me take the second semester. I've been looking around for computer science internships because by the end of my second semester I will have completed Computer science 1, computer science 2, Computer Ethics/social issues, Computer security, calculus, and intro to Discrete math. This may also be where my certifications come in handy.
The matter is that I have so many CLEP credits, I think I could label myself as a college sophmore now because I will have well over 30 credits. I consulted my mom and she said that's not how you begin a relationship and that "college sophmore" would be a lie despite how many credits I have. I also consulted my dad and he said "Freshman - because that's equivalent to your first year". My primary concern is that the recruiters won't take me as seriously if I say I'm a college Freshman and that they may just throw my application in the trash if I break it to them that I haven't graduated highschool yet.
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  • allyphoeallyphoe 2516 replies61 threads Senior Member
    You're a high school student with X college credits completed and Y credits anticipated.
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  • PlayWithPropanePlayWithPropane 122 replies32 threads Junior Member
    I'm also concerned about being turned down because I'm not old enough to give consent for a background check myself. Do all employers do that? Is that why every one of them ask if I'm 18 yet?

    Will they do a background check if my parents say they can?
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