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Middle School Stuff on Resume?

I'm an engineering major (sophomore) reformatting my resume, looking for internships. I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to add an achievement from middle school science olympiad. It is very relevant to my major and will show employers I really am interested in my field, and I also placed very well in the state-wide competition. However, I feel it would be inappropriate since it is from middle school, which was 7 years ago. I do, however, need more engineering stuff on there, because in high school, I didn't really do much engineering related stuff because I didn't know what I wanted to major in for college.
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Replies to: Middle School Stuff on Resume?

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9183 replies91 threads Senior Member
    You are a college sophomore? If so, please go see the career center on your campus. They'll help you brainstorm relevant, recent content to add to your resume. Even course work and college projects can be added.

    My college sophomore has nothing from HS on her resume, college only.
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  • itsgettingreal21itsgettingreal21 276 replies5 threads Junior Member
    By sophomore year, it’s ok to have significant high school achievements still on your resume but you really should be moving away from those and to college stuff only by then.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6458 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Do not put it on your resume.

    Focus on coursework and projects that are relevant.

    It is fine at this point to have some relevant high school stuff on there too.

    It is also okay to put activities at college at the bottom even if they are unrelated. It can help employers see who you are.

    I am guessing that you are feeling that you are capable enough for this internship but that your resume may not "sell" you adequately. Use this as an opportunity to think about what would make a difference and figure out how to get that for the next time round. You will find that to be an important skill for managing your own career as it develops.
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