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Questions during interview

BP-TheGuy88BP-TheGuy88 1319 replies118 threads Senior Member
I had an interview last yr where I ended on what I thought was a good interview. However there were two things I didn't get to ask for or forgot about.

-We had both introduced ourselves to one another but by the end of the interview I forgot the interviewer's name/e-mail because it was the last thing on my mind. This may have hurt me because when I went to send an thank you letter to the guy I could not remember this name and attempted to get the interviewer's name thru a recruiter. Needless to say this wasn't good as I couldn't remember the guy's name and thank him for the interview. So how does one go about getting the interviewer's information? Does one just ask, and write the information down on a notepad? Does one just ask for a business card?

-I never asked about when I could hear from the interviewer or company. I wasn't sure how to go about this or if it would be appropriate to do so. So how does one typically go about asking this question without sounding too desperate to hear back?

-Also what are some good questions to ask the interviewer? What are questions to completely avoid?
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  • lil_killer129lil_killer129 4177 replies529 threads Senior Member
    Definitely ask for a business card to remember your contact.
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  • sigkapaccountantsigkapaccountant 87 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It's completely normal to ask for a business card. As far as hearing back, I always ask at the end of the interview when I can expect to hear back from them on their decision.

    You can use google to find a whole bunch of good/bad questions to ask. Good questions relate to your responsibilities and what the job will be like, bad questions are usually benefits-related (you'll find out when you get an offer) or things you can easily find on a website
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