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getting recommendations

sgtpepper08sgtpepper08 522 replies44 threads Member
who do you get them from? i mean in the activities i'm most involved in and that have the people that know me well are student run. should i get it from a dean? a TA? but i have a feeling those wouldn't be that good.
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Replies to: getting recommendations

  • toadstooltoadstool 1107 replies38 threads Senior Member
    Please focus your question.

    What is the recommendation for?
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  • Politico88Politico88 14 replies0 threads New Member
    Go with the people that know you best. I don't know if you can have a recommendation from a student but if a TA knows you better than the Dean, go with the TA. It's useless to have a recommendation from someone who may be high up on the totem pole yet does not know you.
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  • sgtpepper08sgtpepper08 522 replies44 threads Member
    well i'm just asking a general question. not really a particular thing, i'm just wondering. say, you needed recommendations for an internship at a museum. who would you go to for that?
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  • BCEagle91BCEagle91 22635 replies127 threads Senior Member
    If they are generally expecting college students, then ask professors that know you well and have a favorable impression. If it is a general job, then you might consider a professor and a recommendation from a previous employer.
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