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choosing whether to do the common app essay or the communities one ...can we do both?

hereicome09hereicome09 279 replies217 threads Member
edited December 2008 in Johns Hopkins University
So, I remember reading somewhere that we can do both the common app essay and the communities essay. I know on the common app website it says that we should do one OR the other. But, what would happen if we do both?

Is anyone else doing this? Has anyone even heard if they prefer this or would rather you just do one?
edited December 2008
9 replies
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Replies to: choosing whether to do the common app essay or the communities one ...can we do both?

  • flomatiksflomatiks 129 replies33 threads Junior Member
    If you use the common app, you have to do both. There is no choice.

    JHU will read all three essays, but the 'communities' and 'major' essays will be considered the main essays, whereas common app essay will be more of a supplement.
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  • ModadunnModadunn 6178 replies85 threads Senior Member
    Everyone has to do #2 of the JHU supplement. You only have to do #1 if you are submitting the JHU application. If you are doing the common app, you can do either #1 or the common application essay, but you do not need to do both. However, it doesn't not say you cannot do both. I have no idea how they will weight the essays, but unless you are mailing in your application or perhaps uploading to the "more information" area, I don't know how you'd send in three online. Of course, I haven't even looked at the actual application or it's supplement and am only going off of the application instructions.
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  • JcancollegeboundJcancollegebound 625 replies48 threads Member
    Flomatiks you need to check your facts. It's as Modadunn says, you choose between the communities question and the common app essay. I think you can submit both, but honestly, I wouldn't advise it just because Universities do not like having getting what they did not ask for, especially with the large number of applicants they have to process. If you insist on writing both essays, I think you should just submit whichever essay sounds better. Still, it's up to you.
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  • spazattackspazattack 687 replies144 threads Member
    what happens if we submit the common app essay if we use jhu's app? i already sent my teacher recs forms using the jhu app...but i really want to submit my common app essay.
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  • YellowWomanYellowWoman 33 replies10 threads Junior Member
    WOW this just saved my life i spent forever brainstorming for that jhs community essay. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
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  • RobDVRobDV 66 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @Spaz: If you use JHU's app, you have to submit the communities essay. If you wanted to use the Common App essay, you should have had the teachers send their recommendations through the Common App. And adcoms at JHU say that they do not prefer the JHU app over the Common App (basically, if you submit one, it won't be judged because of which app you used).
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  • nw09nw09 84 replies7 threads Junior Member
    To edit RobDV's post, it's okay if the teachers send their recs through the JHU app while you send in a Common App. Search "recs" under the JHU forum.
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  • RobDVRobDV 66 replies1 threads Junior Member
    nw09: Really? I didn't know that. Well, I guess you do learn something new everyday!
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  • rifeliferifelife 70 replies52 threads Junior Member
    How about teacher using common app rec and using JHU application? Is that fine too?

    Thank you alll for advance!
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