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Question About Law Degree with Foreign Language Skills

PaksennarionPaksennarion 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited January 2014 in Law School
Hi, sorry if this is an idiotic question. I'm an undergraduate student majoring in foreign language and Middle Eastern Studies. My two languages are Turkish and Persian, and by the time I graduate I will have an ILR 3 in one and a 2+/3 in the other, which is considered fluency.

I'm gauging my job opportunities with these skills though. I want to be able to work at an interesting job with my languages. I heard from a few people that law has niche jobs for foreign language students, is this actually true? And if so, what would those be like? Could someone advise me on what specific law concentrations would benefit from a foreign language? Is this something that might bear looking into for graduate school?

Thanks for the help. I've tried to research this on my own but it seems a mysterious topic.
edited January 2014
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Replies to: Question About Law Degree with Foreign Language Skills

  • Demosthenes49Demosthenes49 1622 replies4 threads Senior Member
    You could work with immigrant communities on their various law issues. Some of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) practices need people with foreign language skills, though I've mostly seen demand for things like Russian or Spanish. A better question is probably, do you want to be a lawyer? If law doesn't interest you, I wouldn't recommend pursuing it just to put your language skills to use. You could always go for various government jobs. They love languages.
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  • kathleentownkathleentown 130 replies0 threads Junior Member
    You have a lot to choose from. Law school is an option. You can specialize in international business law. American do business with Turkish companies and what I know, not many Turks speak English. Not sure how useful Persian could be, but if things settle down between the US and Iran then you'll be in demand. But as Demosthenes49 said, become a lawyer only if you like being a lawyer and not to test your foreign language skills.
    Two more careers that you can pursue, CIA and State Dept. Here's the link to CIA's employment https://www.cia.gov/careers and State Dept's http://www.state.gov/careers/

    Hope it helped.
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