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Various questions regarding admission into T14 Law Schools

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I am currently a sophomore with junior credits (68 hrs) at Wayne State College (a small state school in northeastern Nebraska). I am double majoring in Political Science and Business Admin/Economics and minoring in Pre-Law. I am from Lincoln, NE, home of UNL, and after senior year I was enrolled and ready to go to UNL but for various reasons I decided to go to Wayne State College.

Fast forward to present day and I am seriously considering transferring back to UNL to finish my undergraduate education leading up to law school. I believe that UNL's location will be much more beneficial in terms of internship and work opportunities, as well as UNL being a more accredited school than Wayne. I currently have a 3.767 GPA, and I have one withdrawal on my transcript. I had 23 credit hours from AP classes in high school. I have a few questions about what I need to do moving forward applying to a few T14's senior year.

1) Does a W on a transcript have any impact whatsoever on your admissions into a T14?
2) Will T14 law schools have a problem with the fact that I transferred schools after my sophomore year?
3) Because I'm from Lincoln, my family has various connections with some well-known law firms in town. When should I start an internship? Also, what do T14 law schools prefer in terms of paid vs unpaid legal work/internships?
4) Other than maintaining a top GPA, working hard to score a 170+ on the LSAT junior year, and interning where and when I can, is there any other sort of activities/types of clubs that will not only boost my resume but will also help me in law school in the future?

Thanks in advance!
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