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Do you score better if you take Adderall for the SATs?

FellowCCViewerFellowCCViewer Registered User Posts: 3,777 Senior Member
Assuming you don't have ADHD or whatnot.
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Replies to: Do you score better if you take Adderall for the SATs?

  • astrifeastrife Registered User Posts: 484 Member
    I would imagine it would give you an edge. You would need to take it beforehand though, to get used to the effects.
  • ClaySoulClaySoul - Posts: 2,176 Senior Member
    1. it's illegal
    2. it's often done
    3. it's been shown to boost scores
    4. if you aren't used to the effects of adderall, it could actually make you score worse. Adderall can make you very jittery and for some, like if you don't have ADHD, it can make it harder to concentrate. People who take adderall illegally usually do so to stay awake and work. Like coffee that makes you concentrate (for some). So no, I don't recommend it.
  • anechkakithanechkakith Registered User Posts: 161 Junior Member
    It might help people, and it definitely is something that's done. However, it's a pretty bad idea for many reasons. First of all, it is a prescription drug, so presumably one would be taking it illegally. Secondly, ADHD drugs can have all sorts of side effects, like increasing heart rate and nervousness, causing headaches, etc.
  • ClaySoulClaySoul - Posts: 2,176 Senior Member
    It's not presumably illegal, it is illegal. I'm not passing judgement either way, as I know it's often done either recreationally or as a study aid, but I'm just letting you know it's illegal. They aren't going to throw you in prison for it, especially as a juvi, but you could get your SAT scores invalidated, get in trouble at school, with your parents, and especially with adcoms.

    And let me relay an unhappy little story that may deter you (or at least should) from doing something on a drug you aren't familiar with:

    I used to take adderall by prescription. Now I take ritalin. Before I started taking adderall, I drank A LOT of coffee. Doc did not tell me coffee and adderall DON'T mix. And I didn't know!

    So the morning of my big heavy math final, I did my usual routine, which was to go get breakfast at the student center and get a nice big cup of coffee. I was like FREAKED OUT during the test and did really poorly. Really agitated, really "high." Basically on speed. When I relayed this story to my doctor, she's like well, of course that will happen when you take adderall and coffee! I was like thanks for telling me. I ended up getting the class to be a p/f because of it, but the long and short of it is that you don't want to go there.

    Do YOU want to be like that for your SAT? I'll answer for you. No, you don't.
  • soccerstar18soccerstar18 - Posts: 372 Member
    Haha I watched True Life : Im on Adderall, last night.

    First of all, as mentioned before in your case, it'd be illegal. Of course if prescribed it's not illegal, but there would be no way for you to get a prescription.

    Second, Adderall comes along with severe side effects. Makes you not eat, and weak (athletic wise)

    Next, it's addictive, so if you wanted to take it once, you'd want to keep taking it cuz of the academic focus you get. In True Life this girl got addicted to it, and because her parents took it away, she became a speed addict.

    So yahh, taking Adderall wouldn't be a good idea.

    Just go to the vitamin store and get some energy and concentration boosters or something.
  • HisGraceFillsMeHisGraceFillsMe Registered User Posts: 4,782 Senior Member
    I'm shocked that you're considering doing something that will put your future in jeopardy over one. Lousy. Test.
  • ClaySoulClaySoul - Posts: 2,176 Senior Member
    hey, soccerstar, explain to me about this weak for sports thing. Is it the same with ritalin?

    I didn't know this. This could 1. suck, 2. explain a lot
  • FellowCCViewerFellowCCViewer Registered User Posts: 3,777 Senior Member
    What's Ritalin?

    Adderall is addictive?? I've never heard of that.
  • bessiebessie Registered User Posts: 1,818 Senior Member
    They are all basically the same type of drug, with the same risks and side effects. The problem with buying someone else's prescription drug and then popping one for the test is that you have NO IDEA how it may make you feel or, more importantly, if you will have major health complications from the drug. I know kids buy these drugs on high school and college campuses, but it is a bad idea for a number of reasons. No test score is worth it.
  • ahoo2uahoo2u Registered User Posts: 216 Junior Member
    My D has ADD and Adderal XR has made a huge difference in her ability to concentrate and perform well in class. But it is amphetamine, a class II controlled substance, and has side effects which make it a serious business to take, even for those for whom it is beneficial and prescribed by a physician. Getting caught mis-using it, will mess up your life more than a few points on the SAT.

    I would not recommend taking it just to do better, as others said, you would are just as likely to screw up the test than benefit

    For the record for those out there who do have ADD and take meds. D took SATs, first on medication (not Adderal, something else) and scored about 50 points higher on every test than she did on Senior SATS (Oct) taken without the med.

    But she has ADD
  • FellowCCViewerFellowCCViewer Registered User Posts: 3,777 Senior Member
    I have a disease where I think I have diseases XP
  • ClaySoulClaySoul - Posts: 2,176 Senior Member
    FellowCC, Adderall is extremely addictive. IT'S AN AMPHETAMINE! It's literally weak speed.

    And ritalin is in the same class as Adderall, they are just slightly chemically different. They do the same thing. My metabolism responds better to ritalin than adderall, so I take that.
  • NarcissaNarcissa - Posts: 3,935 Senior Member
    oh . my . god . only college confidential
  • ClaySoulClaySoul - Posts: 2,176 Senior Member
    ^^^ actually only at like 80% of college campuses. I'm pulling that percentage out of my butt, but I think it's probably pretty accurate from what i've witnessed in terms of people wanting it.
  • LinzoyLinzoy Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    First of all, as mentioned before in your case, it'd be illegal. Of course if prescribed it's not illegal, but there would be no way for you to get a prescription.
    I doubt that it would be so difficult. ADD is a pretty vague diagnosis.

    Yeah, aderall's addictive, I know from experience. But I don't think taking it once will cause any problems. The side effects usually take a few weeks to become annoying. But you shouldn't feel good about needing to take speed to score well on an easy test.
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