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Scholarships: Ignatius & Magis

beastmanbeastman Registered User Posts: 607 Member
edited January 2010 in Marquette University
I'm looking for a little enlightenment on these two. It appears from old threads that both of these are of the "no separate application needed" variety, right? Looks like Iggy tops out at about $9000/year. The website suggests that "standardized test scores" (presumably ACT, yes?) is the main determinant of who gets what. Does that jibe with everyone's personal experience? Just trying to figure out who gets the $9000.

And it sounds like Magis is an add-on for a few $k more? And it's a "leadership" award? I'm really in the dark on this one beyond those two tidbits. I'm very interested to know who gets this, why and for how much, typically.

Thanks for your help!
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Replies to: Scholarships: Ignatius & Magis

  • 1tgmom1tgmom Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    I am aware of a couple situations where kids have received varying amounts of these scholarships--and you are correct that neither requires a separate app. Acceptance to MU will qualify the student automatically for a sliding scale amount. The largest award I know of is $10k for the Ignatius. The Ignatius Magis ("more" in Latin) is for the applicant who is especially involved. The highest award I am aware of for the Magis is $3000.

    Someone hopefully will chime in if they have heard of any higher awards.
  • MontegutMontegut Registered User Posts: 6,122 Senior Member
    There are also alumni organization scholarships that do require a separate application, I believe. If you are in a state that has a chapter, you can apply for those, I believe, even if you aren't an alumni. There are also the scholarship days that are held after acceptance, which award scholarships based on performance on a test. Check out the website. When we attended the info session last summer, we were told that there were a lot of jobs available on campus, even non work study. Good luck!
  • beastmanbeastman Registered User Posts: 607 Member
    Well, I phoned admissions to ask this question, a remarkably common sense step, don't you think? But only AFTER posting this question, which is a little like asking directions after getting lost, but anyway....

    Iggy tops out at 10k and the profile of that student is 31 ACT and corresponding grades. The website suggests that test scores only determine this but the rep said they look at "the whole record," which I suppose stands to reason. He said the awards are competitive, meaning that all applicants are pooled and compared before awards are made. He was a little cagey.

    Magis is up to $1500/yr and is not a separate scholarship but a bonus amount (Ignatius Magis) to the Ignatius award. Again, no separate app. Based on "leadership."

    The scholarship competitions that montegut mentions are basically $5000/yr awards given to the top 12 who participate on exam day. Last year, 425 took the Engineering exam. Sounds great except for the 425 part.

    The alumni clubs award scholarships of varying amounts. Ours in the Twin Cities does one or two.
  • MontegutMontegut Registered User Posts: 6,122 Senior Member
    Thanks for the post, Beastman. Good idea to call! I would definitely attend the schollie competition. They do parent info sessions during that time, and the kids get a chance to meet future classmates. We're looking forward to seeing Marquette in the dead of winter. Yikes!

    Don't know if Marquette does this, but some colleges, I've read on these forums, give a little bonus to all who attend. Worth a try.

    Also, don't know if you saw this thread, but there is an engineering newsletter that you can receive online. It seems geared more toward alumni, but it has lots of info on what's going on in the department. Lots of pictures of students involved in projects. Lots of alumni activities going on. Seems to be a very involved group.

    Keep us posted and let us know if you visit this summer.

    Take care and have a good summer!
  • beastmanbeastman Registered User Posts: 607 Member
    Montegut, my wife is a Marquette ME alumnus so we get all the glossy mags from the university and the engineering department! No shortage of alumni mail from the mighty MU....

    I agree that the scholarship competition days are must-dos; the program looks fantastic for both students and parents. And yeah, if there's the prospect of another buck of aid, I'm in.

    We are planning a visit in mid-July. UW Madison and Marquette, back to back! Should be a very interesting comparison. I am hoping UW accepts him so he will have this choice. Although MU will be expensive, even if he tops out on the low-hanging scholarships, with co-op earnings from him it can be done.
  • keymomkeymom Registered User Posts: 507 Junior Member
    My son won one of the Business school scholarships at 5,000 per year. There is also a full ride scholarship for service and one for outstanding students. The service one is the Burke I believe.
    You can also win a semesters worth of tuition at a Big East BB game by making a three point shot. Getting there early and being a familiar face helps in being chosen. My son made one his junior year. He has a big $13,000 check in his room! He even made an article in the Chicago paper.
  • nkl811nkl811 Registered User Posts: 157 Junior Member
    This helps to hear of scholarship opportunities. My daughter right now has Marquette as her top choice, but we are hoping she gets plenty of merit aid. She has a 33 ACT exc. GPA. I am sure we will send her for the scholarship day. It is worth chance and great to hear Keymom that your son got that $5000. What a thrill it must have been to have hit that 3 pointer at the Bradley Center. Must have been a nice phone call you received from your son telling you he won $13,000!!
  • beastmanbeastman Registered User Posts: 607 Member
    keymom, that 3 pt shot story is great! What a thrill.

    nkl811, your daughter is definately a top shelf candidate for MU and, depending on other offers she has, I'd definitely suggest you negotiate for more if she doesn't win one of the 5000s in the contest and if the remainder of the package is not what you'd hoped. I'm reading that incredibly tedious Princeton guide called Paying for College w/o Going Broke and rule #1 is don't be afraid to ask for more. And rule number 34 (kidding) is that a top candidate at a school will bargain better than an average candidate at a higher profile school. This is essentially why I've abandoned hopes of my son applying to Northwestern or Notre Dame or WashU, where he's 50/50 at best, because I am confident that his prospects for aid there are minimal. And the sticker price going in is much worse. A double-whammy of financial misery.
  • keymomkeymom Registered User Posts: 507 Junior Member
    My son was accepted at ND but was told they give no merit aid as all of our candidates are deserving of merit aid. Basically "your son is nothing special". They also, knowing my husband and I were grads of MU, told us Marquette would be falling all over themselves to give my son aid, but at ND he would be among students just like himself.
    Well, that was part of my son's decision not to attend ND. As the great Al McGuire said
    " the world is run by C students" My son wanted to be amongst a more diverse population.
    And I was at the game where he hit the shot. The Bradley Center gave him a dvd with him winning. I think he scared the ball boys as he went crazy.
  • MontegutMontegut Registered User Posts: 6,122 Senior Member
    Keymom, thank you so much for joining the forum and giving us some insight into MU.

    Your boys sound like a couple of great guys. I hope my son gets to meet kids like them up there at MU.
  • nkl811nkl811 Registered User Posts: 157 Junior Member
    Beastman- thanks for the heads up in trying to negotiate if we don't get what we need. Why not give it a try?
    My D's dream schools are Notre Dame or Nothwestern, but she knows that even if she were to get in, there would be no aid and a $50-$60k year is crazy. She'll probably apply but is hesitant to even do that so Marquette is her realistic top pick, although if she gets NM Finalist, a full tuition scholarship to Bradley might be something to consider.
  • beastmanbeastman Registered User Posts: 607 Member
    nkl, by all means pop over to the ND and NW forums and read the threads on aid. I did and became very discouraged at any hope of anything. Of particular interest were the posts by 3rd year ND parents wondering if their investments would ever pay off! 2nd tier schools like Marquette are, I think, the place to get the $$ unless your kid is a superstar.
  • keymomkeymom Registered User Posts: 507 Junior Member
    My son also evaluated what a ND degree would do for him vs a MU degree since he wanted to stay in Milwaukee. He got a great job in October of his senior year through his internship.
    He has very few loans.
  • MontegutMontegut Registered User Posts: 6,122 Senior Member
    That's fantastic. Marquette's offering of internships and co-ops is very appealing to us. That also says a lot about Milwaukee that your son wants to stay there. We wish him a lot of luck in his future. You should be so proud of him and of yourselves as parents.
  • mombearmombear Registered User Posts: 62 Junior Member
    Son is captain of swim team and they will be going for a 4th state title as a team. Unfortunately, Marquette's day for testing to try for more scholarship money is the same day as Sectionals and or State. He does not want to miss either of these to take tests for scholarships. As a parent, I wish he would see the big picture.
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