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What's a good GPA?

CoolphreakCoolphreak Registered User Posts: 483 Member
I know that I will not have a 4.0 unweighted GPA and I'm kind of scared about that. It will probably end up being around a 3.9x. (x being some number between one and 9). My weighted GPA will definately be a lot higher (though i know MIT unweights GPA's). I'm only in my soph year right now, and i got a b the first semester freshman year (other than that all A's, and second sem all A's). This year I might get a B this semester, but hopefully all A's next semester. Hypothetically, let's say that I get a B in one class in one semester per year. So, overall 4 B's. Will this bring down my chances a lot? And the B's will most likely be in Honors/AP classes (english is what i'm worried about). I come from a slightly above average school, and I'm taking the hardest work load I can.
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Replies to: What's a good GPA?

  • mathwizmathwiz Registered User Posts: 2,355 Senior Member
    A 3.9 isn't bad.
  • molliebatmitmolliebatmit Registered User Posts: 12,374
    I think you can allow yourself one B per year. :)

    It's really all about the context. Since you're taking a difficult courseload, it's totally fine to get those few B's. If you weren't, it probably wouldn't be.
  • MomOFourMomOFour Registered User Posts: 538 Member
    I'm curious if most schools calculate GPA's in that fashion. Does any A=4.0? At my daughter's school, only a 100% average earns a 4.0 for the class. GPA slides down from there, point for point depending on the numerical average in the class. There are no letter grades and no grade inflation as the highest average in a class is usually 94-95 or so, with about five or six kids in each class earning averages over 90. Honors/AP classes are weighted up by a full point.

    I would think if any A=4.0, you'd end up with a lot of kids tied with perfect 4.0's. At my daughter's school, graduating with an UW 3.8 would be stellar and better than someone from another school graduating with a 4.0 who had 91% in every class.

    I've read that GPA's are refigured by adcoms but I've very curious how this works and if our system is very unusual. benjones??
  • mit2007mitmit2007mit - Posts: 225 Junior Member
    >= Pi.

    Somebody had to do it :o
  • huangmhuangm Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    my school does -'s and +'s. So.. 4.4 for A+, 4.0 for A, 3.7 for A-, etc.
    97+ = A+
    93-96 = A
    90-92 = A-
  • zking786zking786 Registered User Posts: 680 Member
    Is 3.85 UW 4.2W good, assuming challenging courses (3 JC courses and 6 APs)?
  • ckmets13ckmets13 Registered User Posts: 2,294 Senior Member
    my school doesnt use the 4.0 system but grades out of 100 only. I have 2 grades in the 80s, both in freshman year, every other grade has been above 90, only one below 93 (SUPA english first quarter of this year, but I have a 91 and the highest grade in the class is a 92). Overall from 9th to 11th grade my UW GPA is 94.6, and weighted gpa is 97.9, with 3 AP, 1 IB, and 3 Honors (most possible without honors english) through junior year. with everyone using 4.0 GPA's I really dont know how my 94.6 UW compares. I am ranked 38th of 449 but that mostly has to do with terrible weighting (honors, dual enrollment, IB SL, IB HL, and AP are all weighted the same, 10 pts on your gpa, so people that take honors and easier IBs have an advantage over me (a 98 in AP physics is worth less than 100 in honors physics??). So I guess my question is would my 94.6 UW be considered low?
  • cujoe169cujoe169 Registered User Posts: 3,318 Senior Member
    you are all way too paranoid, i have like a 3.7... but a 4.65 weighted... it all depends on the school, in my school, certain classes you pray for a b... APUSH
  • mognoosemognoose Registered User Posts: 143 Junior Member
    AP World History destroyed the lives of some of my asian friends at my school... and I managed double A's, hahaha!

    That is a notorious class at our school.
  • zking786zking786 Registered User Posts: 680 Member
    Really? APWH was my easiest AP class. Then again, it was also one of my lowest scores (first year of WH teaching). I passed, but not well. APUSH, however, was difficult. I barely managed double A's!
  • vu_preuss_06vu_preuss_06 Registered User Posts: 1,179 Senior Member
    Just show the general trend in the "strength of your schedule", always try to get more or equal AP classes each following year. Make sure your B's aren't in the impacted courses (math or science-related). All in all, I think you can be safe with a sliding scale, maybe something like 4.0 UW, 4.2 W or 3.8 UW, 4.5 W. If you get the low unweighted gpa, just have the hard courses to back it up, hence a low unweighted gpa can be compensated by a higher weighted gpa. I'm actually in your category right now, but I'm a senior.
  • zking786zking786 Registered User Posts: 680 Member
    Oops! A couple of my B's are in Math courses (no science B's). But they are, of course, difficult math courses. In any event, I guess a strong improvement each year should cover that up. Likewise, taking many difficult APs and JC courses, should help. In any event, a 3.83UW 4.21W isn't extremely bad, it's just bad. I hope MIT can see beyond it. They must be getting thousands of 4.0UW students with the same JC courses and APs. *Argh* More depression!
  • cujoe169cujoe169 Registered User Posts: 3,318 Senior Member
    well i think that's still unfair to say, in my physics b class, the average grade was a c+, but i managed a 5 on the exam and a b in the class, it would be ridiculous to say that's a strike against me because i didn't get an a...

    and also, well teacher student troubles, and not showing work all bit me in the ass frosh year
  • atomicfusionatomicfusion Registered User Posts: 1,987 Senior Member
    Yeah my ap chem class is the hardest in the school, the 10 smartest people take it a year. Everyone got B's and C's and D's, so my B looks kinda bad and it's unfair (even though I came really close to an A).
  • mit2007mitmit2007mit - Posts: 225 Junior Member

    I have to say that the hardest class I took in high school was "enriched" english. Basically normal English. Very hard. She literally gave NO A's to the class the first semester. My AP english classes never came close to that.

    So... it depends on the teacher ;)
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