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did anyone just didn't feel MIT at CPW???

sbc1234sbc1234 Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
the weather was horrible...yay for bbqs in the freezing cold!!! some students don't know the meaning of shower. alot of them seems depressed about their classes. the frat party seems really sketchy...i went to the heaven and hell chi phi one and right when i left this girl just fell flat on to a table and seems super drunk...wat the heck? i thought no alcohol???
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Replies to: did anyone just didn't feel MIT at CPW???

  • collegeguy2k7collegeguy2k7 Registered User Posts: 1,248 Senior Member
    lolll, well I guess the weather machine can't compete with a nor'easter.

    I didn't think it was freezing cold... but then I'm the type to think mid 50's is shorts weather :D

    As for the shower thing... it is joked about, but I don't think it happens all the often.

    And as for frat parties... yeah... I think you'll find that typical of all places :P
  • OloOlo Registered User Posts: 1,023 Senior Member
    You attended the wrong frat parties. :(

    Follow the guys in the purple jumpsuits!
  • pebblespebbles Registered User Posts: 2,617 Senior Member
    it was nice on friday and saturday. A little windy, but nothing was falling from the sky. Where the heck did you stay? And why would you go to a frat party? Most girls at frat parties don't go to MIT. So, no guarantees about the "no alcohol" thing on other campuses.
  • Sklog_WSklog_W Registered User Posts: 265 Junior Member
    Well, first of all did you go to a frat party banking on it not having drunk people? Because that is a bad bet. Especially when it's Chi Phi which throws some of the best (in my eyes, not yours, that means a lot of alcohol) parties on campus. Second, yes there is supposed to be no alcohol, but its a pretty loose rule at a lot of places. Where I live you get a deep trouble for alcohol during CPW other places not so much.
  • drunner2007drunner2007 Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    look at as a good thing to have plenty of people around that like to unwind on the weekends. it would get depressing if no one went out to have crazy fun on the weekends.

    some students may have been depressed about their classes. from what i hear, this happens at a lot of elite institutions. to be the best you have to put in a lot of work. like someone on this board said before, it's comparable to boot camp. its hard (and sometimes miserable) when you're there, but it's great and totally worth it when you're done with everything.

    anyways, i was just a prefrosh, so don't take my words as if i have lots of first hand experience. that's just what i have heard from some people.

    oh, and i did see some pretty crazy things going on at one of the frat parties =). let's just say this girl and guy got into something you would usually not do right in the middle of a dance floor. but i don't know if they were mit students.
  • sbc1234sbc1234 Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
    Sklog_W: can you give me a quick overview of the frats...which ones are more tame and things like that cuz the guide they gave us at cpw didn't really help...all i figured out was zeta psi was one of the less wild one haaha
  • binksbinks Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    hahaha, frats. yes. that's where i come in. finally, something I can put my knowledge towards...yes!

    *Note that this is all my personal view, and should not be taken as the true representation of any fraternity...I'm sure there are exceptions to every rule but I'ld hope that they would be a good start for the CC's here who are interested in fraternities. (Check out each fraternity's website if you're interested.)

    For even quicker overview, scores provided at the end for tameness/personality (of the people)/parties thrown (how big they are, how good they are)/level of presence on campus (people wearing the letters, representation at clubs, events sponsored, etc). (on scale of 1-5, 5 being the most untame/partiest/biggest presence)

    Alpha Delta Phi - located down Massachusetts Avenue, guys there are quite intellectual. Regularly places top 3 each semester for highest Greek GPA on campus. Haven't been to an open party although they do sponsor events occasionally. (1/?/2)

    Alpha Epsilon Pi - Known nationally and locally as the Jewish fraternity, though not all brothers are Jewish. They've even sponsored a Bar Mitzvah party as a joke for a brother who never had one, so they do have their sense of humor. (1/2/3)

    Alpha Tau Omega -Located on dorm row, they've been known to do some crazy stuff. If you go on collegehumor or youtube, you might find a picture of guys jumping out of their 5th floor windows into the snowpile beneath. Throws decent parties, although infrequent. Guys there are your more traditional frat boy types. (5/3/3)

    Beta Theta Pi - Lots of tall, lanky, long haired, and um...experimental guys there. They're your skater type dudes around campus...can be lots of fun, they play in bands too. They have lots of low key pub nights, not so much large parties. (4/3/3)

    Chi Phi - Bunch of nice boys, although you couldn't tell from the parties they throw. They live in this 16 million dollar governor's mansion across the river. The brothers are quite accomplished as well, from class presidents to international physics scholars. Though, don't get the wrong impression, they're very down to earth and approachable. (3/5/4)

    Delta Kappa Epsilon - Currently restructuring due to past violations (so not much to say). Although, I believe they still rush... (5/?/?)

    Delta Psi/No. 6 - It's a co-ed fraternity. Lately, many international students from Europe has joined the living group, giving it much diversity. Throws good parties occasionally as well, although not widely publicized. (2/4/2)

    Delta Tau Delta - They're your charismatic, recently turned "frat boys with a heart of gold". Filled with swimmers, divers, and a cappella singers...a.k.a. they're athletic, musical, and charming...no wonder a popular hit among the ladies. Did I mention they throw ridiculously large and crazy parties at least twice a semester? (4/5/5)

    Delta Upsilon - Your pretty boy frat. Reputation among girls have fallen quite a bit in recent years. Pub nights regularly and throw occasional parties. (4/4/3)

    Kappa Sigma - On dorm row. Don't know much, but I get the impression that the people are very similar to those Alpha Tau Omega...(they ARE right next to each other)... (5/3/2)

    Lambda Chi Alpha - Lots of jocks. Lots of drinking. I may be stereotyping though...Not everyone's like that though. It's unfortunate that they don't do more to change that impression on campus. (5/5/3)

    Nu Delta - Your cool, chill guys. They're pretty cohesive as a fraternity, and have pretty good relations with other fraternities and sororities. (4/4/4)

    Phi Beta Epsilon - They're probably your largest frat right now. Had an excellent rush year last year, got 27 pledges. Always known for throwing excellent dance parties on their roof deck. Includes some accomplished individuals, although you wouldn't know by looking at them. (4/5/5)

    Phi Delta Theta - They have some nice and friendly brothers. They'll say hi to you in the halls even though you may have only met once. The guys are usually well known and popular around campus, and the fraternity has quite good connections with the sororities as well. (3/4/5)

    Phi Kappa Sigma - A.K.A. Skullhouse. Don't worry, they're not as scary or secretive as they sound. Although, if you're a girl, a couple guys there might sketch you out ;). Pretty harmless though. They might seem like they don't work very hard academically, but they really have some smart guys there. (4/3/2)

    Phi Kappa Theta - A "nice guy" frat. Girls would describe the guys there as sweet and gentlemen like. Good working relationship with other frats and especially sororities here. (3/3/5)

    Phi Sigma Kappa - Pretty down to earth and approachable guys who like to have fun also. Located right next door to and across from sororities, they're excellent hosts especially known hosting some event for the Boston Marathon each year. (3/3/4)

    Pi Lambda Phi - The guys there are pretty tame, and they're not afraid to show their nerdy/dorky side. (1/2/2)

    Sigma Chi - Outgoing guys, got a couple guys popular among the ladies. Kinda goofy. You'll usually find as many if not more BU and Wellesley girls there than MIT girls. (4/3/3)

    Sigma Nu - Lives next to the Berklee School of Music, the guys there are very sweet with a gentlemen side to them. Wellesley girls visit a lot. (3/3/2)

    Sigma Phi Epsilon - Restructuring, although, I'm quite impressed by the outstanding citizenship of the guys. Even though they got into some trouble a while back, I quite respect each brother that I have met in terms of personality, academics, and other various accomplishments. (3/?/3)

    Tau Epsilon Phi - These are the guys in purple jump suits. I believe it has broke with national rules and have become co-ed? The guys there are very much like your explosion loving, science experimenting, EC/Senior House types. (5/?/3)

    Theta Chi - Again, I apologize as I haven't visited this fraternity since Freshmen year...so in my head, I group them with Sigma Chi.(4/3/3)

    Theta Delta Chi - Like Beta Theta Tau, but on campus, and shorter guys. (4/2/2)

    Theta Xi - They're rather accepting of the alternative lifestyle. The brothers are pretty involved in their frat and are pretty close. They do throw parties occasionally through out the year. (3/4/3)

    Zeta Beta Tau - Your smart, nerdy, sweethearts. Good working relationships with sororities. (2/4/4)

    Zeta Psi - Your nerdy guys with a crazy side. (Occasionally throw large parties, smash cars, etc). (3/4/3)

    Rush starts right at the end of orientation. At a Greek barbeque kick off, frats will just grab you and take you to their houses and events. But hopefully, this list will give you a good start on your search.
  • OloOlo Registered User Posts: 1,023 Senior Member
    binks wrote:
    Tau Epsilon Phi - These are the guys in purple jump suits. I believe it has broke with national rules and have become co-ed? The guys there are very much like your explosion loving, science experimenting, EC/Senior House types. (5/?/3)

    Just wanted to clarify something before it spreads: tEp is definitely not coed. :).
  • drunner2007drunner2007 Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    Zeta Beta Tau - Your smart, nerdy, sweethearts. Good working relationships with sororities. (2/4/4)

    i don't agree with the personality figure being 2. i stayed with these guys and it was great. i havn't seen they're parties, but they're supposed to have a big one coming up april 27th.
  • OloOlo Registered User Posts: 1,023 Senior Member
    drunner: I think that refered to tameness of personality, not existence of personality. :P. Some frats are, well, relaxed and soft-spoken. Others are flamboyant and proud of it.
  • sarosaro Registered User Posts: 90 Junior Member
    Theta Delta Chi - Like Beta Theta Tau, but on campus, and shorter guys. (4/2/2)

    BTT isn't on the list :(
  • pebblespebbles Registered User Posts: 2,617 Senior Member
    Beta is extremely chill. If i had to join a frat I would join that one. Only if I had to, though. And if I were a boy.
  • iostreamiostream Registered User Posts: 575 Member
    Olo wrote:
    tEp is definitely not coed.

    but surely you will concede that tep is de facto coed :)

    i know because that's where i lived during cpw.
  • OloOlo Registered User Posts: 1,023 Senior Member
    Olo wrote:
    but surely you will concede that tep is de facto coed

    i know because that's where i lived during cpw.

    tEp is definitely not coed.
  • mitsophmitsoph Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    I think that most of what was written was pretty much true. I do not know about many of the frats (mainly the ones that do not throw as many parties), I can give an idea of the ones that I do know fairly well.

    I would say that the more typical frats like you would think of are ATO, LCA, DU, DTD, and CP, with the first three on this list being the most so.

    Chi Phi throws very good parties but isn't as roudy as the others and tends to be made up of a lot of nice guys. DTD throws big parties and has a pretty strong campus presence but has the reputation of being jerks and screwing over other frats.

    As for the other 3 (ATO, LCA, and DU), ATO definitely has the biggest on-campus presence. This is largely due to the fact that it is on-campus. It's made up of jocks and people who like to drink and party (meant in a good way). LCA and DU are very similar in that they tend to mix with mainly the other colleges in Boston (namely BU, Wellesley, Simmons, BC). Both of these are made up of more preppy guys who play some sort of sport. LCA has a lot of basketball players, and DU has a lot of water polo players (a lot of DU is from California). Both throw amazing parties, especially now that neither is in trouble anymore. :)

    Hope this helps.
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