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Informatics as a Major

hrawlinshrawlins 5 replies9 threads New Member
Has anybody heard of Informatics? My school at IU offers it. People seem to think it's the next big thing. I was wondering if anybody has an Informatics degree and what jobs I can get and how much money I can make. Thanks!
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Replies to: Informatics as a Major

  • econcalceconcalc 215 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Smart advice #1: Don't listen to what "people think".
    Smart advice #2: Don't think about money when considering a degree program.
    Smart advice #3: Look at employers and what degrees they typically require. I've never seen "Informatics" listed anywhere.
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  • hrawlinshrawlins 5 replies9 threads New Member
    Unfortunetly I have to look at money. I quit my job as a teacher because $30,000 a year ($850 after taxes & insurance every two weeks) meant that my kids would do without and I would never get out of my 2 bedroom rented home in a bad neighborhood. Plus I'm not doing what people think, I'm curious if they've heard of Informatics which you covered in your last line of advice. Thanks!
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